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patch 1.10

Drop Probabilities for weap12

Falchion,Crystal Sword,Two-Handed Sword,Broad Axe ,Gnarled Staff,Yew Wand,Voulge,Composite Bow,Pilum,Hatchet Hands,Smoked Sphere,

Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Creeping Feature [TC] Normal11.10296514
Blood Witch The Wild [TC] Normal11.10296514
Andariel(1st Kill) [TC] Normal11.00024637
Beetleburst [TC] Normal9.86274031
Coldworm The Burrower [TC] Normal9.86274031
Dark Elder [TC] Normal9.86274031
Fangskin [TC] Normal9.86274031
Fire Eye [TC] Normal9.86274031
Ancient Kaa The Soulless [TC] Normal7.60834148
Andariel [TC] Normal6.73149404
Mephisto(1st Kill) [TC] Normal6.32334115
Sszark The Burning [TC] Normal5.59436873
Icehawk Riftwing [TC] Normal5.59436873
Diablo(1st Kill) [TC] Normal5.57931430
Mephisto [TC] Normal5.53292350
Baal(1st Kill) [TC] Normal4.92024912
Diablo [TC] Normal4.88190002
DiabloClone [TC] Normal4.88190002
Witch Doctor Endugu [TC] Normal4.74099045
Stormtree [TC] Normal4.74099045
Battlemaid Sarina [TC] Normal4.74099045
Burning Dead [TC] Normal4.72237609
Horror [TC] Normal4.72237609
Sand Leaper [TC] Normal4.72237609
Cave Leaper [TC] Normal4.72237609
Dung Soldier [TC] Normal4.72237609
Sand Maggot Queen [TC] Normal4.72237609
Sand Maggot [TC] Normal4.72237609
Rock Worm [TC] Normal4.72237609
Huntress [TC] Normal4.72237609
Sabre Cat [TC] Normal4.72237609
Dried Corpse [TC] Normal4.72237609
Decayed [TC] Normal4.72237609
Sand Raider [TC] Normal4.72237609
Desert Wing [TC] Normal4.72237609
Claw Viper [TC] Normal4.72237609
Bone Warrior [TC] Normal4.72237609
Returned [TC] Normal4.72237609
Black Raptor Nest [TC] Normal4.67292323
Hollow One [TC] Normal4.67292323
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Normal4.57401750
Slinger [TC] Normal4.57401750
The Summoner [TC] Normal4.43621165
Baal [TC] Normal4.30521798
Plague Bearer [TC] Normal4.19487663
Tomb Creeper [TC] Normal4.19487663
Death Beatle [TC] Normal4.19487663
Scarab [TC] Normal4.19487663
Devourer [TC] Normal4.19487663
Night Tiger [TC] Normal4.19487663
Embalmed [TC] Normal4.19487663
Marauder [TC] Normal4.19487663
Invader [TC] Normal4.19487663
Fiend [TC] Normal4.19487663
Salamander [TC] Normal4.19487663
Dune Beast [TC] Normal4.19487663
Blunderbore [TC] Normal4.19487663
Black Raptor [TC] Normal4.15094776
Guardian [TC] Normal4.15094776
Horror Mage [TC] Normal4.15094776
Horror Mage [TC] Normal4.15094776
Mephisto(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare4.07537650
Horror Archer [TC] Normal4.06309002
Burning Soul [TC] Normal3.98150823
Corpse Spitter [TC] Normal3.98150823
Stygian Hag [TC] Normal3.98150823
Carrion Bird [TC] Normal3.93113030
Undead Scavenger [TC] Normal3.93113030
Carrion Bird [TC] Normal3.93113030
Diablo(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare3.87377164
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Normal3.74201901
Lord De Seis [TC] Normal3.74201901
Infector of Souls [TC] Normal3.74201901
Baal(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare3.61070933
Mephisto [TC] Nightmare3.56595443
Vile Witch [TC] Normal3.51302979
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Normal3.51302979
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Normal3.51302979
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Normal3.51302979
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Normal3.51302979
Itchies [TC] Normal3.49201468
Black Locusts [TC] Normal3.49201468
Diablo [TC] Nightmare3.38955018
Dac Farren [TC] Normal3.35251276
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Normal3.35251276
Ghoul [TC] Normal3.23602294
Crusher [TC] Normal3.23602294
Hell Clan [TC] Normal3.23602294
Steel Scarab [TC] Normal3.23602294
Giant Lamprey [TC] Normal3.23602294
Hell Cat [TC] Normal3.23602294
Gorebelly [TC] Normal3.23602294
Death Brigadier [TC] Normal3.21733079
Demon Sprite [TC] Normal3.21733079
Hell Temptress [TC] Normal3.21733079
Blood Lord [TC] Normal3.21733079
Thresh Socket [TC] Normal3.21733079
Frozenstein [TC] Normal3.21733079
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Normal3.21733079
Pindleskin [TC] Normal3.21733079
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Ghoul Lord [TC] Normal3.20213521
Unraveler [TC] Normal3.20213521
Baal [TC] Nightmare3.15937066
Mephisto(1st Kill) [TC] Hell3.14044048
Hell Slinger [TC] Normal3.13435976
Dark Ranger [TC] Nightmare3.09804768
Skeleton [TC] Nightmare3.09804768
Corpsefire [TC] Nightmare3.09804768
Bishibosh [TC] Nightmare3.09804768
Mauler [TC] Normal2.99933433
Diablo(1st Kill) [TC] Hell2.99771204
Carver [TC] Nightmare2.98460565
Treehead Woodfist [TC] Nightmare2.98460565
Pitspawn Fouldog [TC] Nightmare2.98460565
Baal(1st Kill) [TC] Hell2.92879912
Creeping Feature [TC] Nightmare2.88628923
Blood Witch The Wild [TC] Nightmare2.88628923
Radament [TC] Normal2.87436271
Andariel(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare2.85958681
Beetleburst [TC] Nightmare2.79522314
Coldworm The Burrower [TC] Nightmare2.79522314
Dark Elder [TC] Nightmare2.79522314
Fangskin [TC] Nightmare2.79522314
Fire Eye [TC] Nightmare2.79522314
Ancient Kaa The Soulless [TC] Nightmare2.79522314
Duriel(1st Kill) [TC] Normal2.77130630
Mephisto [TC] Hell2.74788542
Sszark The Burning [TC] Nightmare2.71314481
Icehawk Riftwing [TC] Nightmare2.71314481
DiabloClone [TC] Nightmare2.71164015
Spector [TC] Normal2.69381930
Apparition [TC] Normal2.69381930
Witch Doctor Endugu [TC] Nightmare2.63651261
Stormtree [TC] Nightmare2.63651261
Battlemaid Sarina [TC] Nightmare2.63651261
Diablo [TC] Hell2.62299804
Burning Soul [TC] Nightmare2.56607143
Corpse Spitter [TC] Nightmare2.56607143
Stygian Hag [TC] Nightmare2.56607143
Baal [TC] Hell2.56269923
Izual [TC] Normal2.53338988
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Nightmare2.49989767
Lord De Seis [TC] Nightmare2.49989767
Infector of Souls [TC] Nightmare2.49989767
Vile Witch [TC] Nightmare2.43913040
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Nightmare2.43913040
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Nightmare2.43913040
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Nightmare2.43913040
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Nightmare2.43913040
Dac Farren [TC] Nightmare2.38173910
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Nightmare2.38173910
Drowned Carcass [TC] Normal2.37942863
Poison Spinner [TC] Normal2.37942863
Flame Spider [TC] Normal2.37942863
Tree Lurker [TC] Normal2.37942863
Infidel [TC] Normal2.37942863
Gloom Bat [TC] Normal2.37942863
Pit Viper [TC] Normal2.37942863
Jungle Hunter [TC] Normal2.37942863
Doom Ape [TC] Normal2.37942863
Thorned Hulk [TC] Normal2.37942863
Bramble Hulk [TC] Normal2.37942863
Swamp Dweller [TC] Normal2.37942863
Bog Creature [TC] Normal2.37942863
Undead Flayer [TC] Normal2.37942863
Zakarumite [TC] Normal2.37942863
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Normal2.37836155
Cloud Stalker [TC] Normal2.35451119
Cloud Stalker Nest [TC] Normal2.35451119
Fetish Shaman [TC] Normal2.35451119
Sexton [TC] Normal2.35451119
Death Brigadier [TC] Nightmare2.32698648
Demon Sprite [TC] Nightmare2.32698648
Hell Temptress [TC] Nightmare2.32698648
Blood Lord [TC] Nightmare2.32698648
Thresh Socket [TC] Nightmare2.32698648
Frozenstein [TC] Nightmare2.32698648
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Nightmare2.32698648
Pindleskin [TC] Nightmare2.32698648
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Normal2.32150636
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Normal2.32150636
Toorc Icefist [TC] Normal2.32150636
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Normal2.32150636
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Normal2.32150636
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Normal2.32150636
Council Member [TC] Normal2.32150636
Dark Ranger [TC] Hell2.27349254
Skeleton [TC] Hell2.27349254
Corpsefire [TC] Hell2.27349254
Bishibosh [TC] Hell2.27349254
Nihlathak [TC] Normal2.26968967
Carver [TC] Hell2.22122834
Treehead Woodfist [TC] Hell2.22122834
Pitspawn Fouldog [TC] Hell2.22122834
Creeping Feature [TC] Hell2.17016562
Blood Witch The Wild [TC] Hell2.17016562
Andariel(1st Kill) [TC] Hell2.15008839
Beetleburst [TC] Hell2.12027675
Coldworm The Burrower [TC] Hell2.12027675
Dark Elder [TC] Hell2.12027675
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Fangskin [TC] Hell2.12027675
Fire Eye [TC] Hell2.12027675
Ancient Kaa The Soulless [TC] Hell2.12027675
Sszark The Burning [TC] Hell2.07153476
Icehawk Riftwing [TC] Hell2.07153476
Witch Doctor Endugu [TC] Hell2.02391327
Stormtree [TC] Hell2.02391327
Battlemaid Sarina [TC] Hell2.02391327
Blood Raven [TC] Nightmare2.02061233
Wailing Beast [TC] Normal2.01646494
Flesh Hunter [TC] Normal2.01646494
Flesh Lancer [TC] Normal2.01646494
Spider Magus [TC] Normal2.01646494
Bone Scarab [TC] Normal2.01646494
Preserved Dead [TC] Normal2.01646494
Blood Diver [TC] Normal2.01646494
Serpent Magus [TC] Normal2.01646494
Temple Guard [TC] Normal2.01646494
Thrasher [TC] Normal2.01646494
Slime Prince [TC] Normal2.01646494
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Normal2.01646494
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Normal2.01646494
Faithful [TC] Normal2.01646494
Zealot [TC] Normal2.01646494
Scarab [TC] Normal2.01646494
Steel Scarab [TC] Normal2.01646494
Flayer [TC] Normal2.01646494
Stygian Doll [TC] Normal2.01646494
Soul Killer [TC] Normal2.01646494
Flayer [TC] Normal2.01646494
Stygian Doll [TC] Normal2.01646494
Soul Killer [TC] Normal2.01646494
Temple Guard [TC] Normal2.01646494
Temple Guard [TC] Normal2.01646494
Zealot [TC] Normal2.01646494
Zealot [TC] Normal2.01646494
Arach [TC] Normal2.01646494
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Normal2.01646494
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Normal2.01646494
Night Lord [TC] Normal1.99534846
Dark Lord [TC] Normal1.99534846
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Normal1.99534846
Flayer Shaman [TC] Normal1.99534846
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Normal1.99534846
Cantor [TC] Normal1.99534846
Flayer Shaman [TC] Normal1.99534846
Stygian Doll Shaman [TC] Normal1.99534846
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Normal1.99534846
Heirophant [TC] Normal1.99534846
Heirophant [TC] Normal1.99534846
Razor Spine [TC] Nightmare1.98973710
Dark Shape [TC] Normal1.98074948
Gloam [TC] Normal1.98074948
Jungle Urchin [TC] Normal1.98074948
Sucker [TC] Normal1.98074948
Burning Soul [TC] Hell1.97738653
Corpse Spitter [TC] Hell1.97738653
Stygian Hag [TC] Hell1.97738653
Flesh Archer [TC] Normal1.95311550
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Hell1.93192937
Lord De Seis [TC] Hell1.93192937
Infector of Souls [TC] Hell1.93192937
Vile Witch [TC] Hell1.88751720
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Hell1.88751720
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Hell1.88751720
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Hell1.88751720
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Hell1.88751720
Dac Farren [TC] Hell1.84412600
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Hell1.84412600
Cadaver [TC] Normal1.82339915
Dark Familiar [TC] Normal1.82339915
Gloom Bat [TC] Normal1.82339915
Fiend [TC] Normal1.82339915
Cadaver [TC] Normal1.82339915
Blood Lord [TC] Normal1.80430446
Blood Lord [TC] Normal1.80430446
Ghoul Lord [TC] Normal1.80430446
Dark Lord [TC] Normal1.80430446
Death Brigadier [TC] Hell1.80288356
Demon Sprite [TC] Hell1.80288356
Hell Temptress [TC] Hell1.80288356
Blood Lord [TC] Hell1.80288356
Thresh Socket [TC] Hell1.80288356
Frozenstein [TC] Hell1.80288356
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Hell1.80288356
Pindleskin [TC] Hell1.80288356
Andariel [TC] Nightmare1.74989640
Razor Spine [TC] Normal1.73237754
Griswold [TC] Normal1.73237754
The Smith [TC] Normal1.73237754
Cow King [TC] Normal1.73237754
Duriel [TC] Normal1.69587400
Cliff Lurker [TC] Normal1.69343766
Blood Maggot [TC] Normal1.69343766
Assailant [TC] Normal1.69343766
Urdar [TC] Normal1.69343766
Spikefist [TC] Normal1.69343766
Balrog [TC] Normal1.69343766
Corpulent [TC] Normal1.69343766
Doom Knight [TC] Normal1.69343766
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
WorldKiller [TC] Normal1.69343766
Doom Knight [TC] Normal1.69343766
Doom Knight [TC] Normal1.69343766
Izual [TC] Nightmare1.69245946
Hell Buzzard [TC] Normal1.67860126
Winged Nightmare [TC] Normal1.67860126
Plague Bugs [TC] Normal1.67860126
Hell Swarm [TC] Normal1.67860126
Feeder [TC] Normal1.67860126
Damned [TC] Normal1.67570393
Flesh Spawner [TC] Normal1.67570393
Flesh Beast [TC] Normal1.67570393
Stygian Dog [TC] Normal1.67570393
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Normal1.67570393
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Normal1.67570393
Flesh Beast [TC] Normal1.67570393
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Nightmare1.65131932
The Summoner [TC] Nightmare1.63094236
Hell Bovine [TC] Normal1.62219932
Nihlathak [TC] Nightmare1.61246475
Radament [TC] Nightmare1.59846209
Pit Lord [TC] Normal1.59157674
Venom Lord [TC] Normal1.59157674
Maw Fiend [TC] Normal1.59157674
Abyss Knight [TC] Normal1.59157674
Oblivion Knight [TC] Normal1.59157674
Balrog [TC] Normal1.59157674
Pit Lord [TC] Normal1.59157674
Maw Fiend [TC] Normal1.59157674
Oblivion Knight [TC] Normal1.59157674
Oblivion Knight [TC] Normal1.59157674
Grotesque [TC] Normal1.57490971
Grotesque [TC] Normal1.57490971
Flesh Spawner [TC] Normal1.57490971
Blood Raven [TC] Hell1.50379712
Council Member [TC] Nightmare1.49620466
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Nightmare1.49620466
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Nightmare1.49620466
Toorc Icefist [TC] Nightmare1.49620466
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Nightmare1.49620466
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Nightmare1.49620466
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Nightmare1.49620466
Enslaved [TC] Normal1.49418175
Slayer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Death Mauler [TC] Normal1.49418175
Death Brawler [TC] Normal1.49418175
Overseer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Lasher [TC] Normal1.49418175
Snow Drifter [TC] Normal1.49418175
Rot Walker [TC] Normal1.49418175
Succubus [TC] Normal1.49418175
Frozen Creeper [TC] Normal1.49418175
Moon Lord [TC] Normal1.49418175
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Bone Archer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Afflicted [TC] Normal1.49418175
Tainted [TC] Normal1.49418175
Moon Clan [TC] Normal1.49418175
Night Clan [TC] Normal1.49418175
Foul Crow [TC] Normal1.49418175
Blood Hawk [TC] Normal1.49418175
Claw Viper [TC] Normal1.49418175
Pit Viper [TC] Normal1.49418175
Marauder [TC] Normal1.49418175
Infidel [TC] Normal1.49418175
Death Mauler [TC] Normal1.49418175
Thorned Hulk [TC] Normal1.49418175
Slinger [TC] Normal1.49418175
Slinger [TC] Normal1.49418175
Slinger [TC] Normal1.49418175
Vile Archer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Dark Archer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Vile Lancer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Dark Lancer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Black Lancer [TC] Normal1.49418175
Blunderbore [TC] Normal1.49418175
Mauler [TC] Normal1.49418175
Huntress [TC] Normal1.49418175
Sabre Cat [TC] Normal1.49418175
Cave Leaper [TC] Normal1.49418175
Tomb Creeper [TC] Normal1.49418175
Succubusexp [TC] Normal1.49418175
Hell Temptress [TC] Normal1.49418175
Carver [TC] Normal1.49418175
Devilkin [TC] Normal1.49418175
Dark One [TC] Normal1.49418175
Reanimated Horde [TC] Normal1.48274261
Razor Spine [TC] Hell1.48081889
Griswold [TC] Hell1.48081889
The Smith [TC] Hell1.48081889
Cow King [TC] Hell1.48081889
Griswold [TC] Nightmare1.48081889
The Smith [TC] Nightmare1.48081889
Cow King [TC] Nightmare1.48081889
Demon Imp [TC] Normal1.47853463
Demon Rascal [TC] Normal1.47853463
Siren [TC] Normal1.47853463
Putrid Defiler [TC] Normal1.47853463
Wretched Defiler [TC] Normal1.47853463
Returned Mage [TC] Normal1.47853463
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Normal1.47853463
Returned Mage [TC] Normal1.47853463
Horror Mage [TC] Normal1.47853463
Bone Mage [TC] Normal1.47853463
Siren [TC] Normal1.47853463
Hell Witch [TC] Normal1.47853463
Vile Witch [TC] Normal1.47853463
Carver Shaman [TC] Normal1.47853463
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Normal1.47853463
Dark shaman [TC] Normal1.47853463
Council Member [TC] Normal1.42590974
Ice Boar [TC] Normal1.42590974
Fire Boar [TC] Normal1.42590974
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Normal1.42590974
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Normal1.42590974
Death Slasher [TC] Normal1.42590974
Death Berserker [TC] Normal1.42590974
Overlord [TC] Normal1.42590974
Blood Boss [TC] Normal1.42590974
Abobinable [TC] Normal1.42590974
Plowling Dead [TC] Normal1.42590974
Vile Temptress [TC] Normal1.42590974
Stygian Harlot [TC] Normal1.42590974
Frozen Terror [TC] Normal1.42590974
Night Lord [TC] Normal1.42590974
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Normal1.42590974
Returned Archer [TC] Normal1.42590974
Misshapen [TC] Normal1.42590974
Disfigured [TC] Normal1.42590974
Hell Clan [TC] Normal1.42590974
Blood Clan [TC] Normal1.42590974
Black Raptor [TC] Normal1.42590974
Cloud Stalker [TC] Normal1.42590974
Salamander [TC] Normal1.42590974
Tomb Viper [TC] Normal1.42590974
Sand Raider [TC] Normal1.42590974
Invader [TC] Normal1.42590974
Hell Lord [TC] Normal1.42590974
Slayer [TC] Normal1.42590974
Hell Spawn [TC] Normal1.42590974
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Normal1.42590974
Unraveler [TC] Normal1.41097757
Demon Gremlin [TC] Normal1.41097757
Demon Trickster [TC] Normal1.41097757
Stygian Fury [TC] Normal1.41097757
Blood Witch [TC] Normal1.41097757
Fetid Defiler [TC] Normal1.41097757
Rancid Defiler [TC] Normal1.41097757
Rank Defiler [TC] Normal1.41097757
Guardian [TC] Normal1.41097757
Unraveler [TC] Normal1.41097757
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Normal1.41097757
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Normal1.41097757
Doom Caster [TC] Normal1.40969799
Warped One [TC] Normal1.36841338
Hell Spawn [TC] Normal1.36841338
Ice Spawn [TC] Normal1.36841338
Hell Whip [TC] Normal1.36841338
Siege Beast [TC] Normal1.36841338
Crush Beast [TC] Normal1.36841338
Blood Bringer [TC] Normal1.36841338
Gore Bearer [TC] Normal1.36841338
Demon Steed [TC] Normal1.36841338
Chilled Forth [TC] Normal1.36841338
Frozen Abyss [TC] Normal1.36841338
Unholy Corpse [TC] Normal1.36841338
Defiled Warrior [TC] Normal1.36841338
Blood Temptress [TC] Normal1.36841338
Frozen Scourge [TC] Normal1.36841338
Frozen Horror [TC] Normal1.36841338
Frozen Scorch [TC] Normal1.36841338
Hell Lord [TC] Normal1.36841338
Death Lord [TC] Normal1.36841338
Horror Archer [TC] Normal1.36841338
Damned [TC] Normal1.36841338
Death Clan [TC] Normal1.36841338
Serpent Magus [TC] Normal1.36841338
Assailant [TC] Normal1.36841338
Moon Lord [TC] Normal1.36841338
Unholy Corpse [TC] Normal1.36841338
Warped Shaman [TC] Normal1.35408331
Hell Witch [TC] Normal1.35408331
Demon Imp [TC] Normal1.35408331
Demon Trickster [TC] Normal1.35408331
Duriel(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare1.34402211
Strangler [TC] Normal1.32490413
Storm Caster [TC] Normal1.32490413
Strangler [TC] Normal1.32490413
Storm Caster [TC] Normal1.32490413
Andariel [TC] Hell1.31572573
Izual [TC] Hell1.30793839
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Hell1.27787084
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Normal1.27250980
Achmel The Cursed [TC] Normal1.27250980
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Normal1.27250980
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Normal1.27250980
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Normal1.27250980
Nihlathak [TC] Hell1.24849450
Ghost [TC] Normal1.24382790
Wraith [TC] Normal1.24382790
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Spector [TC] Normal1.24382790
Gloam [TC] Normal1.24382790
BlackSoul [TC] Normal1.24382790
Burning Soul [TC] Normal1.24382790
The Summoner [TC] Hell1.23627422
Radament [TC] Hell1.22705601
Fallen [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Zombie [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Hungry Dead [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Gargantuan Beast [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Dark Hunter [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Dark Spearwoman [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Returned Mage [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Bone Mage [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Horror Mage [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Moon Clan [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Ratman [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Fetish [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Flayer [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Soul Killer [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Spear Cat [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Night Slinger [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Heirophant [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Council Member [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Catapult [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Minion of Destruction [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Bonebreaker [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Coldcrow [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Rakanishu [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Bone Ash [TC] Nightmare1.18153129
Fallen Shaman [TC] Nightmare1.16773251
Foul Crow [TC] Nightmare1.16773251
Banished [TC] Nightmare1.16773251
Foul Crow Nest [TC] Nightmare1.16773251
Council Member [TC] Hell1.15295892
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Hell1.15295892
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Hell1.15295892
Toorc Icefist [TC] Hell1.15295892
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Hell1.15295892
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Hell1.15295892
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Hell1.15295892
Devilkin [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Dark One [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Brute [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Yeti [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Vile Hunter [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Dark Stalker [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Black Rogue [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Vile Lancer [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Dark Lancer [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Black Lancer [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Returned [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Bone Warrior [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Night Clan [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Blood Clan [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Death Clan [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Arach [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Ratman [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Tomb Viper [TC] Nightmare1.13826684
Carver Shaman [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Dark shaman [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Blood Hawk [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Misshapen [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Disfigured [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Tainted [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Afflicted [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Blood Hawk Nest [TC] Nightmare1.12497334
Dark One [TC] Normal1.10523696
Yeti [TC] Normal1.10523696
Dark Stalker [TC] Normal1.10523696
Black Rogue [TC] Normal1.10523696
Black Lancer [TC] Normal1.10523696
Death Clan [TC] Normal1.10523696
Arach [TC] Normal1.10523696
Ratman [TC] Normal1.10523696
Tomb Viper [TC] Normal1.10523696
Burning Dead [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Horror [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Sand Leaper [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Cave Leaper [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Dung Soldier [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Sand Maggot Queen [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Sand Maggot [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Rock Worm [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Huntress [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Sabre Cat [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Dried Corpse [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Decayed [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Sand Raider [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Desert Wing [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Claw Viper [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Bone Warrior [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Returned [TC] Nightmare1.10077100
Vile Archer [TC] Nightmare1.09838634
Dark Archer [TC] Nightmare1.09838634
Black Archer [TC] Nightmare1.09838634
Skeleton Archer [TC] Nightmare1.09838634
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Returned Archer [TC] Nightmare1.09838634
Bone Archer [TC] Nightmare1.09838634
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Normal1.09366288
Dark shaman [TC] Normal1.09366288
Tainted [TC] Normal1.09366288
Afflicted [TC] Normal1.09366288
Black Raptor Nest [TC] Nightmare1.08791540
Hollow One [TC] Nightmare1.08791540
Black Archer [TC] Normal1.07051474
Bone Archer [TC] Normal1.07051474
Ghoul [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Plague Bearer [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Crusher [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Hell Clan [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Tomb Creeper [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Death Beatle [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Scarab [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Steel Scarab [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Devourer [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Giant Lamprey [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Night Tiger [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Hell Cat [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Embalmed [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Marauder [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Invader [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Fiend [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Salamander [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Dune Beast [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Blunderbore [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Gorebelly [TC] Nightmare1.06604027
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Nightmare1.06220420
Slinger [TC] Nightmare1.06220420
Mauler [TC] Nightmare1.05472987
Black Raptor [TC] Nightmare1.05359028
Ghoul Lord [TC] Nightmare1.05359028
Guardian [TC] Nightmare1.05359028
Unraveler [TC] Nightmare1.05359028
Horror Mage [TC] Nightmare1.05359028
Horror Mage [TC] Nightmare1.05359028
Drowned Carcass [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Poison Spinner [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Flame Spider [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Tree Lurker [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Infidel [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Gloom Bat [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Pit Viper [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Jungle Hunter [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Doom Ape [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Thorned Hulk [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Bramble Hulk [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Swamp Dweller [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Bog Creature [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Undead Flayer [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Zakarumite [TC] Nightmare1.03473729
Horror Archer [TC] Nightmare1.02869031
Hell Slinger [TC] Nightmare1.02869031
Duriel(1st Kill) [TC] Hell1.02618501
Cloud Stalker [TC] Nightmare1.02265289
Cloud Stalker Nest [TC] Nightmare1.02265289
Fetish Shaman [TC] Nightmare1.02265289
Sexton [TC] Nightmare1.02265289
Wailing Beast [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Flesh Hunter [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Flesh Lancer [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Spider Magus [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Bone Scarab [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Preserved Dead [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Cadaver [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Blood Diver [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Dark Familiar [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Serpent Magus [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Temple Guard [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Thrasher [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Slime Prince [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Faithful [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Zealot [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Gloom Bat [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Fiend [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Scarab [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Steel Scarab [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Flayer [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Soul Killer [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Flayer [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Soul Killer [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Temple Guard [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Temple Guard [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Zealot [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Zealot [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Arach [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Cadaver [TC] Nightmare1.00551136
Night Lord [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Dark Lord [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Blood Lord [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Flayer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Cantor [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Flayer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Stygian Doll Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Heirophant [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Heirophant [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Blood Lord [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Ghoul Lord [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Dark Lord [TC] Nightmare0.99376827
Hell Bovine [TC] Nightmare0.98167054
Cliff Lurker [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Blood Maggot [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Assailant [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Urdar [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Spikefist [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Balrog [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Corpulent [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Doom Knight [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
WorldKiller [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Doom Knight [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Doom Knight [TC] Nightmare0.97864655
Flesh Archer [TC] Nightmare0.97028210
Damned [TC] Nightmare0.96721721
Flesh Spawner [TC] Nightmare0.96721721
Flesh Beast [TC] Nightmare0.96721721
Stygian Dog [TC] Nightmare0.96721721
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Nightmare0.96721721
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Nightmare0.96721721
Flesh Beast [TC] Nightmare0.96721721
Spike Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.96075088
Quill Rat [TC] Nightmare0.96075088
Pit Lord [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Venom Lord [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Maw Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Abyss Knight [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Oblivion Knight [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Balrog [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Pit Lord [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Maw Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Oblivion Knight [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Oblivion Knight [TC] Nightmare0.95340925
Grotesque [TC] Nightmare0.94227465
Grotesque [TC] Nightmare0.94227465
Flesh Spawner [TC] Nightmare0.94227465
Enslaved [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Slayer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Death Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Death Brawler [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Overseer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Lasher [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Snow Drifter [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Rot Walker [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Succubus [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Vile Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Frozen Creeper [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Moon Lord [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Bone Archer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Afflicted [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Tainted [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Moon Clan [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Night Clan [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Foul Crow [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Blood Hawk [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Claw Viper [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Pit Viper [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Marauder [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Infidel [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Death Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Thorned Hulk [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Vile Archer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Dark Archer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Vile Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Dark Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Black Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Blunderbore [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Huntress [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Sabre Cat [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Cave Leaper [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Tomb Creeper [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Succubusexp [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Hell Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Carver [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Devilkin [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Dark One [TC] Nightmare0.93023387
Reanimated Horde [TC] Nightmare0.92614392
Thorn Beast [TC] Nightmare0.92557081
Ghost [TC] Nightmare0.92557081
Wraith [TC] Nightmare0.92557081
Wraith [TC] Normal0.92005177
Demon Imp [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Demon Rascal [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Siren [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Putrid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Wretched Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Returned Mage [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Returned Mage [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Horror Mage [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Bone Mage [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Siren [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Hell Witch [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Vile Witch [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Carver Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Dark shaman [TC] Nightmare0.91936993
Council Member [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Ice Boar [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Fire Boar [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Death Slasher [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Death Berserker [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Overlord [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Blood Boss [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Abobinable [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Plowling Dead [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Stygian Harlot [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Frozen Terror [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Night Lord [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Returned Archer [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Misshapen [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Disfigured [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Hell Clan [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Blood Clan [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Black Raptor [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Cloud Stalker [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Salamander [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Tomb Viper [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Sand Raider [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Invader [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Slayer [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.90834602
The Countess [TC] Nightmare0.90712439
Unraveler [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Demon Gremlin [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Demon Trickster [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Stygian Fury [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Blood Witch [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Fetid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Rancid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Rank Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Guardian [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Unraveler [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Nightmare0.89773770
Carrion Bird [TC] Nightmare0.89508142
Undead Scavenger [TC] Nightmare0.89508142
Warped One [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Ice Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Hell Whip [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Siege Beast [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Crush Beast [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Blood Bringer [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Gore Bearer [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Demon Steed [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Chilled Forth [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Frozen Abyss [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Unholy Corpse [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Defiled Warrior [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Blood Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Frozen Scourge [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Frozen Horror [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Frozen Scorch [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Hell Lord [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Death Lord [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Horror Archer [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Damned [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Death Clan [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Serpent Magus [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Assailant [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Moon Lord [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Hell Lord [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Unholy Corpse [TC] Nightmare0.88746450
Warped Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.87710005
Hell Witch [TC] Nightmare0.87710005
Demon Imp [TC] Nightmare0.87710005
Demon Trickster [TC] Nightmare0.87710005
Itchies [TC] Nightmare0.86684046
Black Locusts [TC] Nightmare0.86684046
Spector [TC] Nightmare0.86684046
Apparition [TC] Nightmare0.86684046
Sucker [TC] Nightmare0.84138675
Dark Shape [TC] Nightmare0.84138675
Gloam [TC] Nightmare0.84138675
Jungle Urchin [TC] Nightmare0.84138675
Duriel [TC] Nightmare0.82246129
Hell Buzzard [TC] Nightmare0.81762196
Winged Nightmare [TC] Nightmare0.81762196
Plague Bugs [TC] Nightmare0.81762196
Hell Swarm [TC] Nightmare0.81762196
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Feeder [TC] Nightmare0.81762196
Fallen [TC] Hell0.81710715
Zombie [TC] Hell0.81710715
Hungry Dead [TC] Hell0.81710715
Gargantuan Beast [TC] Hell0.81710715
Dark Hunter [TC] Hell0.81710715
Dark Spearwoman [TC] Hell0.81710715
Returned Mage [TC] Hell0.81710715
Bone Mage [TC] Hell0.81710715
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Hell0.81710715
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.81710715
Moon Clan [TC] Hell0.81710715
Ratman [TC] Hell0.81710715
Fetish [TC] Hell0.81710715
Flayer [TC] Hell0.81710715
Soul Killer [TC] Hell0.81710715
Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.81710715
Spear Cat [TC] Hell0.81710715
Night Slinger [TC] Hell0.81710715
Heirophant [TC] Hell0.81710715
Council Member [TC] Hell0.81710715
Catapult [TC] Hell0.81710715
Minion of Destruction [TC] Hell0.81710715
Bonebreaker [TC] Hell0.81710715
Coldcrow [TC] Hell0.81710715
Rakanishu [TC] Hell0.81710715
Bone Ash [TC] Hell0.81710715
Fallen Shaman [TC] Hell0.80698097
Foul Crow [TC] Hell0.80698097
Banished [TC] Hell0.80698097
Foul Crow Nest [TC] Hell0.80698097
Devilkin [TC] Hell0.79832308
Dark One [TC] Hell0.79832308
Brute [TC] Hell0.79832308
Yeti [TC] Hell0.79832308
Vile Hunter [TC] Hell0.79832308
Dark Stalker [TC] Hell0.79832308
Black Rogue [TC] Hell0.79832308
Vile Lancer [TC] Hell0.79832308
Dark Lancer [TC] Hell0.79832308
Black Lancer [TC] Hell0.79832308
Returned [TC] Hell0.79832308
Bone Warrior [TC] Hell0.79832308
Night Clan [TC] Hell0.79832308
Blood Clan [TC] Hell0.79832308
Death Clan [TC] Hell0.79832308
Arach [TC] Hell0.79832308
Ratman [TC] Hell0.79832308
Tomb Viper [TC] Hell0.79832308
Doom Caster [TC] Nightmare0.79577709
Carver Shaman [TC] Hell0.78842968
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Hell0.78842968
Dark shaman [TC] Hell0.78842968
Blood Hawk [TC] Hell0.78842968
Misshapen [TC] Hell0.78842968
Disfigured [TC] Hell0.78842968
Tainted [TC] Hell0.78842968
Afflicted [TC] Hell0.78842968
Blood Hawk Nest [TC] Hell0.78842968
The Countess [TC] Normal0.78772803
Burning Dead [TC] Hell0.77997083
Horror [TC] Hell0.77997083
Sand Leaper [TC] Hell0.77997083
Cave Leaper [TC] Hell0.77997083
Dung Soldier [TC] Hell0.77997083
Sand Maggot Queen [TC] Hell0.77997083
Sand Maggot [TC] Hell0.77997083
Rock Worm [TC] Hell0.77997083
Huntress [TC] Hell0.77997083
Sabre Cat [TC] Hell0.77997083
Dried Corpse [TC] Hell0.77997083
Decayed [TC] Hell0.77997083
Sand Raider [TC] Hell0.77997083
Desert Wing [TC] Hell0.77997083
Claw Viper [TC] Hell0.77997083
Bone Warrior [TC] Hell0.77997083
Returned [TC] Hell0.77997083
Strangler [TC] Nightmare0.77525562
Storm Caster [TC] Nightmare0.77525562
Strangler [TC] Nightmare0.77525562
Storm Caster [TC] Nightmare0.77525562
Black Raptor Nest [TC] Hell0.77030486
Hollow One [TC] Hell0.77030486
Vile Archer [TC] Hell0.76864288
Dark Archer [TC] Hell0.76864288
Black Archer [TC] Hell0.76864288
Skeleton Archer [TC] Hell0.76864288
Returned Archer [TC] Hell0.76864288
Bone Archer [TC] Hell0.76864288
Ghoul [TC] Hell0.76204046
Plague Bearer [TC] Hell0.76204046
Crusher [TC] Hell0.76204046
Hell Clan [TC] Hell0.76204046
Tomb Creeper [TC] Hell0.76204046
Death Beatle [TC] Hell0.76204046
Scarab [TC] Hell0.76204046
Steel Scarab [TC] Hell0.76204046
Devourer [TC] Hell0.76204046
Giant Lamprey [TC] Hell0.76204046
Night Tiger [TC] Hell0.76204046
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Hell Cat [TC] Hell0.76204046
Embalmed [TC] Hell0.76204046
Marauder [TC] Hell0.76204046
Invader [TC] Hell0.76204046
Fiend [TC] Hell0.76204046
Salamander [TC] Hell0.76204046
Dune Beast [TC] Hell0.76204046
Blunderbore [TC] Hell0.76204046
Gorebelly [TC] Hell0.76204046
Carrion Bird [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Quill Rat [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Spike Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Razor Spine [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Gloam [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
BlackSoul [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Burning Soul [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Ghost [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Wraith [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Spector [TC] Nightmare0.75641079
Mauler [TC] Hell0.75517318
Black Raptor [TC] Hell0.75259670
Ghoul Lord [TC] Hell0.75259670
Guardian [TC] Hell0.75259670
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.75259670
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.75259670
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.75259670
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Hell0.75097292
Slinger [TC] Hell0.75097292
Drowned Carcass [TC] Hell0.74452229
Poison Spinner [TC] Hell0.74452229
Flame Spider [TC] Hell0.74452229
Tree Lurker [TC] Hell0.74452229
Infidel [TC] Hell0.74452229
Gloom Bat [TC] Hell0.74452229
Pit Viper [TC] Hell0.74452229
Jungle Hunter [TC] Hell0.74452229
Doom Ape [TC] Hell0.74452229
Thorned Hulk [TC] Hell0.74452229
Bramble Hulk [TC] Hell0.74452229
Swamp Dweller [TC] Hell0.74452229
Bog Creature [TC] Hell0.74452229
Undead Flayer [TC] Hell0.74452229
Zakarumite [TC] Hell0.74452229
Cloud Stalker [TC] Hell0.73529563
Cloud Stalker Nest [TC] Hell0.73529563
Fetish Shaman [TC] Hell0.73529563
Sexton [TC] Hell0.73529563
Horror Archer [TC] Hell0.73370918
Hell Slinger [TC] Hell0.73370918
Wailing Beast [TC] Hell0.72740684
Flesh Hunter [TC] Hell0.72740684
Flesh Lancer [TC] Hell0.72740684
Spider Magus [TC] Hell0.72740684
Bone Scarab [TC] Hell0.72740684
Preserved Dead [TC] Hell0.72740684
Cadaver [TC] Hell0.72740684
Blood Diver [TC] Hell0.72740684
Dark Familiar [TC] Hell0.72740684
Serpent Magus [TC] Hell0.72740684
Temple Guard [TC] Hell0.72740684
Thrasher [TC] Hell0.72740684
Slime Prince [TC] Hell0.72740684
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Hell0.72740684
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.72740684
Faithful [TC] Hell0.72740684
Zealot [TC] Hell0.72740684
Gloom Bat [TC] Hell0.72740684
Fiend [TC] Hell0.72740684
Scarab [TC] Hell0.72740684
Steel Scarab [TC] Hell0.72740684
Flayer [TC] Hell0.72740684
Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.72740684
Soul Killer [TC] Hell0.72740684
Flayer [TC] Hell0.72740684
Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.72740684
Soul Killer [TC] Hell0.72740684
Temple Guard [TC] Hell0.72740684
Temple Guard [TC] Hell0.72740684
Zealot [TC] Hell0.72740684
Zealot [TC] Hell0.72740684
Arach [TC] Hell0.72740684
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.72740684
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Hell0.72740684
Cadaver [TC] Hell0.72740684
Night Lord [TC] Hell0.71839228
Dark Lord [TC] Hell0.71839228
Blood Lord [TC] Hell0.71839228
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Hell0.71839228
Flayer Shaman [TC] Hell0.71839228
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Hell0.71839228
Cantor [TC] Hell0.71839228
Flayer Shaman [TC] Hell0.71839228
Stygian Doll Shaman [TC] Hell0.71839228
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Hell0.71839228
Heirophant [TC] Hell0.71839228
Heirophant [TC] Hell0.71839228
Blood Lord [TC] Hell0.71839228
Ghoul Lord [TC] Hell0.71839228
Dark Lord [TC] Hell0.71839228
Hell Bovine [TC] Hell0.71273135
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Cliff Lurker [TC] Hell0.71068484
Blood Maggot [TC] Hell0.71068484
Assailant [TC] Hell0.71068484
Urdar [TC] Hell0.71068484
Spikefist [TC] Hell0.71068484
Balrog [TC] Hell0.71068484
Corpulent [TC] Hell0.71068484
Doom Knight [TC] Hell0.71068484
WorldKiller [TC] Hell0.71068484
Doom Knight [TC] Hell0.71068484
Doom Knight [TC] Hell0.71068484
Damned [TC] Hell0.70187752
Flesh Spawner [TC] Hell0.70187752
Flesh Beast [TC] Hell0.70187752
Stygian Dog [TC] Hell0.70187752
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Hell0.70187752
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Hell0.70187752
Flesh Beast [TC] Hell0.70187752
Flesh Archer [TC] Hell0.70036317
Pit Lord [TC] Hell0.69434726
Venom Lord [TC] Hell0.69434726
Maw Fiend [TC] Hell0.69434726
Abyss Knight [TC] Hell0.69434726
Oblivion Knight [TC] Hell0.69434726
Balrog [TC] Hell0.69434726
Pit Lord [TC] Hell0.69434726
Maw Fiend [TC] Hell0.69434726
Oblivion Knight [TC] Hell0.69434726
Oblivion Knight [TC] Hell0.69434726
Grotesque [TC] Hell0.68574240
Grotesque [TC] Hell0.68574240
Flesh Spawner [TC] Hell0.68574240
Enslaved [TC] Hell0.67838525
Slayer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Death Mauler [TC] Hell0.67838525
Death Brawler [TC] Hell0.67838525
Overseer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Lasher [TC] Hell0.67838525
Siege Beast [TC] Hell0.67838525
Snow Drifter [TC] Hell0.67838525
Rot Walker [TC] Hell0.67838525
Succubus [TC] Hell0.67838525
Vile Temptress [TC] Hell0.67838525
Frozen Creeper [TC] Hell0.67838525
Moon Lord [TC] Hell0.67838525
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Bone Archer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Afflicted [TC] Hell0.67838525
Tainted [TC] Hell0.67838525
Moon Clan [TC] Hell0.67838525
Night Clan [TC] Hell0.67838525
Foul Crow [TC] Hell0.67838525
Blood Hawk [TC] Hell0.67838525
Claw Viper [TC] Hell0.67838525
Pit Viper [TC] Hell0.67838525
Marauder [TC] Hell0.67838525
Infidel [TC] Hell0.67838525
Death Mauler [TC] Hell0.67838525
Thorned Hulk [TC] Hell0.67838525
Slinger [TC] Hell0.67838525
Slinger [TC] Hell0.67838525
Slinger [TC] Hell0.67838525
Vile Archer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Dark Archer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Vile Lancer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Dark Lancer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Black Lancer [TC] Hell0.67838525
Blunderbore [TC] Hell0.67838525
Mauler [TC] Hell0.67838525
Huntress [TC] Hell0.67838525
Sabre Cat [TC] Hell0.67838525
Cave Leaper [TC] Hell0.67838525
Tomb Creeper [TC] Hell0.67838525
Succubusexp [TC] Hell0.67838525
Hell Temptress [TC] Hell0.67838525
Carver [TC] Hell0.67838525
Devilkin [TC] Hell0.67838525
Dark One [TC] Hell0.67838525
The Countess [TC] Hell0.67334199
Demon Imp [TC] Hell0.66997821
Demon Rascal [TC] Hell0.66997821
Siren [TC] Hell0.66997821
Putrid Defiler [TC] Hell0.66997821
Wretched Defiler [TC] Hell0.66997821
Returned Mage [TC] Hell0.66997821
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Hell0.66997821
Returned Mage [TC] Hell0.66997821
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.66997821
Bone Mage [TC] Hell0.66997821
Siren [TC] Hell0.66997821
Hell Witch [TC] Hell0.66997821
Vile Witch [TC] Hell0.66997821
Carver Shaman [TC] Hell0.66997821
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Hell0.66997821
Dark shaman [TC] Hell0.66997821
Ice Boar [TC] Hell0.66279019
Fire Boar [TC] Hell0.66279019
Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.66279019
Ice Spawn [TC] Hell0.66279019
Death Slasher [TC] Hell0.66279019
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Death Berserker [TC] Hell0.66279019
Overlord [TC] Hell0.66279019
Blood Boss [TC] Hell0.66279019
Crush Beast [TC] Hell0.66279019
Blood Bringer [TC] Hell0.66279019
Abobinable [TC] Hell0.66279019
Chilled Forth [TC] Hell0.66279019
Reanimated Horde [TC] Hell0.66279019
Plowling Dead [TC] Hell0.66279019
Stygian Harlot [TC] Hell0.66279019
Frozen Terror [TC] Hell0.66279019
Night Lord [TC] Hell0.66279019
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Hell0.66279019
Returned Archer [TC] Hell0.66279019
Misshapen [TC] Hell0.66279019
Disfigured [TC] Hell0.66279019
Hell Clan [TC] Hell0.66279019
Blood Clan [TC] Hell0.66279019
Black Raptor [TC] Hell0.66279019
Cloud Stalker [TC] Hell0.66279019
Salamander [TC] Hell0.66279019
Tomb Viper [TC] Hell0.66279019
Sand Raider [TC] Hell0.66279019
Invader [TC] Hell0.66279019
Council Member [TC] Hell0.65985107
Quill Rat [TC] Hell0.65508815
Spike Fiend [TC] Hell0.65508815
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.65457641
Demon Gremlin [TC] Hell0.65457641
Demon Trickster [TC] Hell0.65457641
Stygian Fury [TC] Hell0.65457641
Blood Witch [TC] Hell0.65457641
Fetid Defiler [TC] Hell0.65457641
Rancid Defiler [TC] Hell0.65457641
Rank Defiler [TC] Hell0.65457641
Guardian [TC] Hell0.65457641
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.65457641
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Hell0.65457641
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Hell0.65457641
Frozen Scourge [TC] Hell0.65090652
Frozen Horror [TC] Hell0.65090652
Warped One [TC] Hell0.64796741
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.64796741
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Hell0.64796741
Hell Whip [TC] Hell0.64796741
Gore Bearer [TC] Hell0.64796741
Demon Steed [TC] Hell0.64796741
Frozen Abyss [TC] Hell0.64796741
Unholy Corpse [TC] Hell0.64796741
Defiled Warrior [TC] Hell0.64796741
Blood Temptress [TC] Hell0.64796741
Frozen Scorch [TC] Hell0.64796741
Hell Lord [TC] Hell0.64796741
Death Lord [TC] Hell0.64796741
Horror Archer [TC] Hell0.64796741
Damned [TC] Hell0.64796741
Death Clan [TC] Hell0.64796741
Serpent Magus [TC] Hell0.64796741
Assailant [TC] Hell0.64796741
Moon Lord [TC] Hell0.64796741
Hell Lord [TC] Hell0.64796741
Slayer [TC] Hell0.64796741
Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.64796741
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.64796741
Unholy Corpse [TC] Hell0.64796741
Ghost [TC] Hell0.64002865
Wraith [TC] Hell0.64002865
Thorn Beast [TC] Hell0.64002865
Warped Shaman [TC] Hell0.63993732
Hell Witch [TC] Hell0.63993732
Demon Imp [TC] Hell0.63993732
Demon Trickster [TC] Hell0.63993732
Duriel [TC] Hell0.62796396
Carrion Bird [TC] Hell0.62531535
Undead Scavenger [TC] Hell0.62531535
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Nightmare0.61357552
Achmel The Cursed [TC] Nightmare0.61357552
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Nightmare0.61357552
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Nightmare0.61357552
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Nightmare0.61357552
Spector [TC] Hell0.61094028
Apparition [TC] Hell0.61094028
Itchies [TC] Hell0.61094028
Black Locusts [TC] Hell0.61094028
Jungle Urchin [TC] Hell0.59689568
Dark Shape [TC] Hell0.59689568
Gloam [TC] Hell0.59689568
Sucker [TC] Hell0.59689568
Hell Buzzard [TC] Hell0.58317394
Winged Nightmare [TC] Hell0.58317394
Plague Bugs [TC] Hell0.58317394
Hell Swarm [TC] Hell0.58317394
Feeder [TC] Hell0.58317394
Doom Caster [TC] Hell0.56976764
Strangler [TC] Hell0.55666953
Storm Caster [TC] Hell0.55666953
Strangler [TC] Hell0.55666953
Storm Caster [TC] Hell0.55666953
Gloam [TC] Hell0.54387253
BlackSoul [TC] Hell0.54387253
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Burning Soul [TC] Hell0.54387253
Ghost [TC] Hell0.54387253
Wraith [TC] Hell0.54387253
Spector [TC] Hell0.54387253
Quill Rat [TC] Hell0.54387253
Spike Fiend [TC] Hell0.54387253
Razor Spine [TC] Hell0.54387253
Carrion Bird [TC] Hell0.54387253
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Hell0.35653577
Achmel The Cursed [TC] Hell0.35653577
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Hell0.35653577
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Hell0.35653577
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Hell0.35653577

End of Data