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patch 1.10

Drop Probabilities for armo3

Quilted Armor,Leather Armor,Buckler,Sash,Leather Gloves,Boots,Cap,

Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Dark Ranger [TC] Normal23.38709677
Skeleton [TC] Normal23.38709677
Corpsefire [TC] Normal23.38709677
Bishibosh [TC] Normal23.38709677
Griswold [TC] Normal10.86618877
The Smith [TC] Normal10.86618877
Cow King [TC] Normal10.86618877
Fallen [TC] Normal8.91935484
Zombie [TC] Normal8.91935484
Hungry Dead [TC] Normal8.91935484
Gargantuan Beast [TC] Normal8.91935484
Dark Hunter [TC] Normal8.91935484
Dark Spearwoman [TC] Normal8.91935484
Returned Mage [TC] Normal8.91935484
Bone Mage [TC] Normal8.91935484
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Normal8.91935484
Horror Mage [TC] Normal8.91935484
Moon Clan [TC] Normal8.91935484
Ratman [TC] Normal8.91935484
Fetish [TC] Normal8.91935484
Flayer [TC] Normal8.91935484
Soul Killer [TC] Normal8.91935484
Stygian Doll [TC] Normal8.91935484
Spear Cat [TC] Normal8.91935484
Night Slinger [TC] Normal8.91935484
Heirophant [TC] Normal8.91935484
Council Member [TC] Normal8.91935484
Catapult [TC] Normal8.91935484
Minion of Destruction [TC] Normal8.91935484
Bonebreaker [TC] Normal8.91935484
Coldcrow [TC] Normal8.91935484
Rakanishu [TC] Normal8.91935484
Bone Ash [TC] Normal8.91935484
Fallen Shaman [TC] Normal8.81518817
Foul Crow [TC] Normal8.81518817
Banished [TC] Normal8.81518817
Foul Crow Nest [TC] Normal8.81518817
Quill Rat [TC] Normal7.25268817
Spike Fiend [TC] Normal7.25268817
Quill Rat [TC] Normal7.25268817
Spike Fiend [TC] Normal7.25268817
Razor Spine [TC] Normal7.25268817
Carver [TC] Normal7.01612903
Treehead Woodfist [TC] Normal7.01612903
Pitspawn Fouldog [TC] Normal7.01612903
Blood Raven [TC] Normal4.75000000
Devilkin [TC] Normal2.98413978
Brute [TC] Normal2.98413978
Vile Hunter [TC] Normal2.98413978
Vile Lancer [TC] Normal2.98413978
Dark Lancer [TC] Normal2.98413978
Returned [TC] Normal2.98413978
Bone Warrior [TC] Normal2.98413978
Night Clan [TC] Normal2.98413978
Blood Clan [TC] Normal2.98413978
Carver Shaman [TC] Normal2.95288978
Blood Hawk [TC] Normal2.95288978
Misshapen [TC] Normal2.95288978
Disfigured [TC] Normal2.95288978
Blood Hawk Nest [TC] Normal2.95288978
Vile Archer [TC] Normal2.89038978
Dark Archer [TC] Normal2.89038978
Skeleton Archer [TC] Normal2.89038978
Returned Archer [TC] Normal2.89038978
Thorn Beast [TC] Normal2.48413978
Ghost [TC] Normal2.48413978
Razor Spine [TC] Normal0.86618877
Creeping Feature [TC] Normal0.59058325
Blood Witch The Wild [TC] Normal0.59058325
Andariel(1st Kill) [TC] Normal0.58511949
Dark One [TC] Normal0.55261848
Yeti [TC] Normal0.55261848
Dark Stalker [TC] Normal0.55261848
Black Rogue [TC] Normal0.55261848
Black Lancer [TC] Normal0.55261848
Death Clan [TC] Normal0.55261848
Arach [TC] Normal0.55261848
Ratman [TC] Normal0.55261848
Tomb Viper [TC] Normal0.55261848
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Normal0.54683144
Dark shaman [TC] Normal0.54683144
Tainted [TC] Normal0.54683144
Afflicted [TC] Normal0.54683144
Black Archer [TC] Normal0.53525737
Bone Archer [TC] Normal0.53525737
Wraith [TC] Normal0.46002589
The Countess [TC] Normal0.39386401
Beetleburst [TC] Normal0.36911453
Coldworm The Burrower [TC] Normal0.36911453
Dark Elder [TC] Normal0.36911453
Fangskin [TC] Normal0.36911453
Fire Eye [TC] Normal0.36911453
Andariel [TC] Normal0.35805819
Ancient Kaa The Soulless [TC] Normal0.25456175
Burning Dead [TC] Normal0.25119022
Horror [TC] Normal0.25119022
Sand Leaper [TC] Normal0.25119022
Cave Leaper [TC] Normal0.25119022
Dung Soldier [TC] Normal0.25119022
Sand Maggot Queen [TC] Normal0.25119022
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Sand Maggot [TC] Normal0.25119022
Rock Worm [TC] Normal0.25119022
Huntress [TC] Normal0.25119022
Sabre Cat [TC] Normal0.25119022
Dried Corpse [TC] Normal0.25119022
Decayed [TC] Normal0.25119022
Sand Raider [TC] Normal0.25119022
Desert Wing [TC] Normal0.25119022
Claw Viper [TC] Normal0.25119022
Bone Warrior [TC] Normal0.25119022
Returned [TC] Normal0.25119022
Black Raptor Nest [TC] Normal0.24855975
Hollow One [TC] Normal0.24855975
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Normal0.24329880
Slinger [TC] Normal0.24329880
Mephisto(1st Kill) [TC] Normal0.21156789
Carrion Bird [TC] Normal0.20910268
Undead Scavenger [TC] Normal0.20910268
Carrion Bird [TC] Normal0.20910268
Sszark The Burning [TC] Normal0.18717775
Icehawk Riftwing [TC] Normal0.18717775
Diablo(1st Kill) [TC] Normal0.18667406
Mephisto [TC] Normal0.18512191
Baal(1st Kill) [TC] Normal0.16462290
Diablo [TC] Normal0.16333980
DiabloClone [TC] Normal0.16333980
Griswold [TC] Nightmare0.15980031
The Smith [TC] Nightmare0.15980031
Cow King [TC] Nightmare0.15980031
Witch Doctor Endugu [TC] Normal0.15862522
Stormtree [TC] Normal0.15862522
Battlemaid Sarina [TC] Normal0.15862522
Plague Bearer [TC] Normal0.15699389
Tomb Creeper [TC] Normal0.15699389
Death Beatle [TC] Normal0.15699389
Scarab [TC] Normal0.15699389
Devourer [TC] Normal0.15699389
Night Tiger [TC] Normal0.15699389
Embalmed [TC] Normal0.15699389
Marauder [TC] Normal0.15699389
Invader [TC] Normal0.15699389
Fiend [TC] Normal0.15699389
Salamander [TC] Normal0.15699389
Dune Beast [TC] Normal0.15699389
Blunderbore [TC] Normal0.15699389
Black Raptor [TC] Normal0.15534984
Guardian [TC] Normal0.15534984
Horror Mage [TC] Normal0.15534984
Horror Mage [TC] Normal0.15534984
Horror Archer [TC] Normal0.15206175
The Summoner [TC] Normal0.14842785
Baal [TC] Normal0.14404503
Mephisto(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare0.13635494
Burning Soul [TC] Normal0.13321427
Corpse Spitter [TC] Normal0.13321427
Stygian Hag [TC] Normal0.13321427
Itchies [TC] Normal0.13068917
Black Locusts [TC] Normal0.13068917
Griswold [TC] Hell0.12975535
The Smith [TC] Hell0.12975535
Cow King [TC] Hell0.12975535
Diablo(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare0.12960960
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Normal0.12520139
Lord De Seis [TC] Normal0.12520139
Infector of Souls [TC] Normal0.12520139
Baal(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare0.12080799
Mephisto [TC] Nightmare0.11931057
Vile Witch [TC] Normal0.11753981
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Normal0.11753981
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Normal0.11753981
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Normal0.11753981
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Normal0.11753981
Diablo [TC] Nightmare0.11340840
Dac Farren [TC] Normal0.11216919
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Normal0.11216919
Ghoul [TC] Normal0.10827165
Crusher [TC] Normal0.10827165
Hell Clan [TC] Normal0.10827165
Steel Scarab [TC] Normal0.10827165
Giant Lamprey [TC] Normal0.10827165
Hell Cat [TC] Normal0.10827165
Gorebelly [TC] Normal0.10827165
Death Brigadier [TC] Normal0.10764624
Demon Sprite [TC] Normal0.10764624
Hell Temptress [TC] Normal0.10764624
Blood Lord [TC] Normal0.10764624
Thresh Socket [TC] Normal0.10764624
Frozenstein [TC] Normal0.10764624
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Normal0.10764624
Pindleskin [TC] Normal0.10764624
Ghoul Lord [TC] Normal0.10713782
Unraveler [TC] Normal0.10713782
Baal [TC] Nightmare0.10570699
Mephisto(1st Kill) [TC] Hell0.10507362
Hell Slinger [TC] Normal0.10487017
Dark Ranger [TC] Nightmare0.10365524
Skeleton [TC] Nightmare0.10365524
Corpsefire [TC] Nightmare0.10365524
Bishibosh [TC] Nightmare0.10365524
Mauler [TC] Normal0.10035246
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Diablo(1st Kill) [TC] Hell0.10029818
Carver [TC] Nightmare0.09985966
Treehead Woodfist [TC] Nightmare0.09985966
Pitspawn Fouldog [TC] Nightmare0.09985966
Baal(1st Kill) [TC] Hell0.09799248
Creeping Feature [TC] Nightmare0.09657017
Blood Witch The Wild [TC] Nightmare0.09657017
Radament [TC] Normal0.09617113
Andariel(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare0.09567675
Beetleburst [TC] Nightmare0.09352326
Coldworm The Burrower [TC] Nightmare0.09352326
Dark Elder [TC] Nightmare0.09352326
Fangskin [TC] Nightmare0.09352326
Fire Eye [TC] Nightmare0.09352326
Ancient Kaa The Soulless [TC] Nightmare0.09352326
Duriel(1st Kill) [TC] Normal0.09272304
Mephisto [TC] Hell0.09193942
Sszark The Burning [TC] Nightmare0.09077706
Icehawk Riftwing [TC] Nightmare0.09077706
DiabloClone [TC] Nightmare0.09072672
Spector [TC] Normal0.09013046
Apparition [TC] Normal0.09013046
Witch Doctor Endugu [TC] Nightmare0.08821308
Stormtree [TC] Nightmare0.08821308
Battlemaid Sarina [TC] Nightmare0.08821308
Diablo [TC] Hell0.08776091
Burning Soul [TC] Nightmare0.08585624
Corpse Spitter [TC] Nightmare0.08585624
Stygian Hag [TC] Nightmare0.08585624
Baal [TC] Hell0.08574342
Izual [TC] Normal0.08476278
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Nightmare0.08364219
Lord De Seis [TC] Nightmare0.08364219
Infector of Souls [TC] Nightmare0.08364219
Vile Witch [TC] Nightmare0.08160902
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Nightmare0.08160902
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Nightmare0.08160902
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Nightmare0.08160902
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Nightmare0.08160902
Dac Farren [TC] Nightmare0.07968881
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Nightmare0.07968881
Drowned Carcass [TC] Normal0.07961150
Poison Spinner [TC] Normal0.07961150
Flame Spider [TC] Normal0.07961150
Tree Lurker [TC] Normal0.07961150
Infidel [TC] Normal0.07961150
Gloom Bat [TC] Normal0.07961150
Pit Viper [TC] Normal0.07961150
Jungle Hunter [TC] Normal0.07961150
Doom Ape [TC] Normal0.07961150
Thorned Hulk [TC] Normal0.07961150
Bramble Hulk [TC] Normal0.07961150
Swamp Dweller [TC] Normal0.07961150
Bog Creature [TC] Normal0.07961150
Undead Flayer [TC] Normal0.07961150
Zakarumite [TC] Normal0.07961150
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Normal0.07957580
Cloud Stalker [TC] Normal0.07877781
Cloud Stalker Nest [TC] Normal0.07877781
Fetish Shaman [TC] Normal0.07877781
Sexton [TC] Normal0.07877781
Death Brigadier [TC] Nightmare0.07785688
Demon Sprite [TC] Nightmare0.07785688
Hell Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.07785688
Blood Lord [TC] Nightmare0.07785688
Thresh Socket [TC] Nightmare0.07785688
Frozenstein [TC] Nightmare0.07785688
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Nightmare0.07785688
Pindleskin [TC] Nightmare0.07785688
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Normal0.07767353
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Normal0.07767353
Toorc Icefist [TC] Normal0.07767353
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Normal0.07767353
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Normal0.07767353
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Normal0.07767353
Council Member [TC] Normal0.07767353
Dark Ranger [TC] Hell0.07606707
Skeleton [TC] Hell0.07606707
Corpsefire [TC] Hell0.07606707
Bishibosh [TC] Hell0.07606707
Nihlathak [TC] Normal0.07593983
Carver [TC] Hell0.07431840
Treehead Woodfist [TC] Hell0.07431840
Pitspawn Fouldog [TC] Hell0.07431840
Creeping Feature [TC] Hell0.07260993
Blood Witch The Wild [TC] Hell0.07260993
Andariel(1st Kill) [TC] Hell0.07193818
Beetleburst [TC] Hell0.07094074
Coldworm The Burrower [TC] Hell0.07094074
Dark Elder [TC] Hell0.07094074
Fangskin [TC] Hell0.07094074
Fire Eye [TC] Hell0.07094074
Ancient Kaa The Soulless [TC] Hell0.07094074
Sszark The Burning [TC] Hell0.06930992
Icehawk Riftwing [TC] Hell0.06930992
Witch Doctor Endugu [TC] Hell0.06771658
Stormtree [TC] Hell0.06771658
Battlemaid Sarina [TC] Hell0.06771658
Blood Raven [TC] Nightmare0.06760614
Wailing Beast [TC] Normal0.06746738
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Flesh Hunter [TC] Normal0.06746738
Flesh Lancer [TC] Normal0.06746738
Spider Magus [TC] Normal0.06746738
Bone Scarab [TC] Normal0.06746738
Preserved Dead [TC] Normal0.06746738
Blood Diver [TC] Normal0.06746738
Serpent Magus [TC] Normal0.06746738
Temple Guard [TC] Normal0.06746738
Thrasher [TC] Normal0.06746738
Slime Prince [TC] Normal0.06746738
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Normal0.06746738
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Normal0.06746738
Faithful [TC] Normal0.06746738
Zealot [TC] Normal0.06746738
Scarab [TC] Normal0.06746738
Steel Scarab [TC] Normal0.06746738
Flayer [TC] Normal0.06746738
Stygian Doll [TC] Normal0.06746738
Soul Killer [TC] Normal0.06746738
Flayer [TC] Normal0.06746738
Stygian Doll [TC] Normal0.06746738
Soul Killer [TC] Normal0.06746738
Temple Guard [TC] Normal0.06746738
Temple Guard [TC] Normal0.06746738
Zealot [TC] Normal0.06746738
Zealot [TC] Normal0.06746738
Arach [TC] Normal0.06746738
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Normal0.06746738
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Normal0.06746738
Night Lord [TC] Normal0.06676086
Dark Lord [TC] Normal0.06676086
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Normal0.06676086
Flayer Shaman [TC] Normal0.06676086
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Normal0.06676086
Cantor [TC] Normal0.06676086
Flayer Shaman [TC] Normal0.06676086
Stygian Doll Shaman [TC] Normal0.06676086
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Normal0.06676086
Heirophant [TC] Normal0.06676086
Heirophant [TC] Normal0.06676086
Razor Spine [TC] Nightmare0.06657311
Dark Shape [TC] Normal0.06627240
Gloam [TC] Normal0.06627240
Jungle Urchin [TC] Normal0.06627240
Sucker [TC] Normal0.06627240
Burning Soul [TC] Hell0.06615988
Corpse Spitter [TC] Hell0.06615988
Stygian Hag [TC] Hell0.06615988
Flesh Archer [TC] Normal0.06534782
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Hell0.06463896
Lord De Seis [TC] Hell0.06463896
Infector of Souls [TC] Hell0.06463896
Vile Witch [TC] Hell0.06315301
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Hell0.06315301
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Hell0.06315301
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Hell0.06315301
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Hell0.06315301
Dac Farren [TC] Hell0.06170122
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Hell0.06170122
Cadaver [TC] Normal0.06100773
Dark Familiar [TC] Normal0.06100773
Gloom Bat [TC] Normal0.06100773
Fiend [TC] Normal0.06100773
Cadaver [TC] Normal0.06100773
Blood Lord [TC] Normal0.06036886
Blood Lord [TC] Normal0.06036886
Ghoul Lord [TC] Normal0.06036886
Dark Lord [TC] Normal0.06036886
Death Brigadier [TC] Hell0.06032132
Demon Sprite [TC] Hell0.06032132
Hell Temptress [TC] Hell0.06032132
Blood Lord [TC] Hell0.06032132
Thresh Socket [TC] Hell0.06032132
Frozenstein [TC] Hell0.06032132
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Hell0.06032132
Pindleskin [TC] Hell0.06032132
Andariel [TC] Nightmare0.05854846
Duriel [TC] Normal0.05674097
Cliff Lurker [TC] Normal0.05665945
Blood Maggot [TC] Normal0.05665945
Assailant [TC] Normal0.05665945
Urdar [TC] Normal0.05665945
Spikefist [TC] Normal0.05665945
Balrog [TC] Normal0.05665945
Corpulent [TC] Normal0.05665945
Doom Knight [TC] Normal0.05665945
WorldKiller [TC] Normal0.05665945
Doom Knight [TC] Normal0.05665945
Doom Knight [TC] Normal0.05665945
Izual [TC] Nightmare0.05662672
Hell Buzzard [TC] Normal0.05616305
Winged Nightmare [TC] Normal0.05616305
Plague Bugs [TC] Normal0.05616305
Hell Swarm [TC] Normal0.05616305
Feeder [TC] Normal0.05616305
Damned [TC] Normal0.05606611
Flesh Spawner [TC] Normal0.05606611
Flesh Beast [TC] Normal0.05606611
Stygian Dog [TC] Normal0.05606611
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Normal0.05606611
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Normal0.05606611
Flesh Beast [TC] Normal0.05606611
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Nightmare0.05525024
The Summoner [TC] Nightmare0.05456847
Hell Bovine [TC] Normal0.05427594
Nihlathak [TC] Nightmare0.05395024
Radament [TC] Nightmare0.05348173
Pit Lord [TC] Normal0.05325136
Venom Lord [TC] Normal0.05325136
Maw Fiend [TC] Normal0.05325136
Abyss Knight [TC] Normal0.05325136
Oblivion Knight [TC] Normal0.05325136
Balrog [TC] Normal0.05325136
Pit Lord [TC] Normal0.05325136
Maw Fiend [TC] Normal0.05325136
Oblivion Knight [TC] Normal0.05325136
Oblivion Knight [TC] Normal0.05325136
Grotesque [TC] Normal0.05269371
Grotesque [TC] Normal0.05269371
Flesh Spawner [TC] Normal0.05269371
Blood Raven [TC] Hell0.05031441
Council Member [TC] Nightmare0.05006038
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Nightmare0.05006038
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Nightmare0.05006038
Toorc Icefist [TC] Nightmare0.05006038
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Nightmare0.05006038
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Nightmare0.05006038
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Nightmare0.05006038
Enslaved [TC] Normal0.04999270
Slayer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Death Mauler [TC] Normal0.04999270
Death Brawler [TC] Normal0.04999270
Overseer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Lasher [TC] Normal0.04999270
Snow Drifter [TC] Normal0.04999270
Rot Walker [TC] Normal0.04999270
Succubus [TC] Normal0.04999270
Frozen Creeper [TC] Normal0.04999270
Moon Lord [TC] Normal0.04999270
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Bone Archer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Afflicted [TC] Normal0.04999270
Tainted [TC] Normal0.04999270
Moon Clan [TC] Normal0.04999270
Night Clan [TC] Normal0.04999270
Foul Crow [TC] Normal0.04999270
Blood Hawk [TC] Normal0.04999270
Claw Viper [TC] Normal0.04999270
Pit Viper [TC] Normal0.04999270
Marauder [TC] Normal0.04999270
Infidel [TC] Normal0.04999270
Death Mauler [TC] Normal0.04999270
Thorned Hulk [TC] Normal0.04999270
Slinger [TC] Normal0.04999270
Slinger [TC] Normal0.04999270
Slinger [TC] Normal0.04999270
Vile Archer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Dark Archer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Vile Lancer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Dark Lancer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Black Lancer [TC] Normal0.04999270
Blunderbore [TC] Normal0.04999270
Mauler [TC] Normal0.04999270
Huntress [TC] Normal0.04999270
Sabre Cat [TC] Normal0.04999270
Cave Leaper [TC] Normal0.04999270
Tomb Creeper [TC] Normal0.04999270
Succubusexp [TC] Normal0.04999270
Hell Temptress [TC] Normal0.04999270
Carver [TC] Normal0.04999270
Devilkin [TC] Normal0.04999270
Dark One [TC] Normal0.04999270
Reanimated Horde [TC] Normal0.04960996
Razor Spine [TC] Hell0.04954560
Demon Imp [TC] Normal0.04946917
Demon Rascal [TC] Normal0.04946917
Siren [TC] Normal0.04946917
Putrid Defiler [TC] Normal0.04946917
Wretched Defiler [TC] Normal0.04946917
Returned Mage [TC] Normal0.04946917
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Normal0.04946917
Returned Mage [TC] Normal0.04946917
Horror Mage [TC] Normal0.04946917
Bone Mage [TC] Normal0.04946917
Siren [TC] Normal0.04946917
Hell Witch [TC] Normal0.04946917
Vile Witch [TC] Normal0.04946917
Carver Shaman [TC] Normal0.04946917
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Normal0.04946917
Dark shaman [TC] Normal0.04946917
Council Member [TC] Normal0.04770844
Ice Boar [TC] Normal0.04770844
Fire Boar [TC] Normal0.04770844
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Normal0.04770844
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Normal0.04770844
Death Slasher [TC] Normal0.04770844
Death Berserker [TC] Normal0.04770844
Overlord [TC] Normal0.04770844
Blood Boss [TC] Normal0.04770844
Abobinable [TC] Normal0.04770844
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Plowling Dead [TC] Normal0.04770844
Vile Temptress [TC] Normal0.04770844
Stygian Harlot [TC] Normal0.04770844
Frozen Terror [TC] Normal0.04770844
Night Lord [TC] Normal0.04770844
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Normal0.04770844
Returned Archer [TC] Normal0.04770844
Misshapen [TC] Normal0.04770844
Disfigured [TC] Normal0.04770844
Hell Clan [TC] Normal0.04770844
Blood Clan [TC] Normal0.04770844
Black Raptor [TC] Normal0.04770844
Cloud Stalker [TC] Normal0.04770844
Salamander [TC] Normal0.04770844
Tomb Viper [TC] Normal0.04770844
Sand Raider [TC] Normal0.04770844
Invader [TC] Normal0.04770844
Hell Lord [TC] Normal0.04770844
Slayer [TC] Normal0.04770844
Hell Spawn [TC] Normal0.04770844
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Normal0.04770844
Unraveler [TC] Normal0.04720883
Demon Gremlin [TC] Normal0.04720883
Demon Trickster [TC] Normal0.04720883
Stygian Fury [TC] Normal0.04720883
Blood Witch [TC] Normal0.04720883
Fetid Defiler [TC] Normal0.04720883
Rancid Defiler [TC] Normal0.04720883
Rank Defiler [TC] Normal0.04720883
Guardian [TC] Normal0.04720883
Unraveler [TC] Normal0.04720883
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Normal0.04720883
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Normal0.04720883
Doom Caster [TC] Normal0.04716602
Warped One [TC] Normal0.04578471
Hell Spawn [TC] Normal0.04578471
Ice Spawn [TC] Normal0.04578471
Hell Whip [TC] Normal0.04578471
Siege Beast [TC] Normal0.04578471
Crush Beast [TC] Normal0.04578471
Blood Bringer [TC] Normal0.04578471
Gore Bearer [TC] Normal0.04578471
Demon Steed [TC] Normal0.04578471
Chilled Forth [TC] Normal0.04578471
Frozen Abyss [TC] Normal0.04578471
Unholy Corpse [TC] Normal0.04578471
Defiled Warrior [TC] Normal0.04578471
Blood Temptress [TC] Normal0.04578471
Frozen Scourge [TC] Normal0.04578471
Frozen Horror [TC] Normal0.04578471
Frozen Scorch [TC] Normal0.04578471
Hell Lord [TC] Normal0.04578471
Death Lord [TC] Normal0.04578471
Horror Archer [TC] Normal0.04578471
Damned [TC] Normal0.04578471
Death Clan [TC] Normal0.04578471
Serpent Magus [TC] Normal0.04578471
Assailant [TC] Normal0.04578471
Moon Lord [TC] Normal0.04578471
Unholy Corpse [TC] Normal0.04578471
Warped Shaman [TC] Normal0.04530525
Hell Witch [TC] Normal0.04530525
Demon Imp [TC] Normal0.04530525
Demon Trickster [TC] Normal0.04530525
Duriel(1st Kill) [TC] Nightmare0.04496862
Strangler [TC] Normal0.04432897
Storm Caster [TC] Normal0.04432897
Strangler [TC] Normal0.04432897
Storm Caster [TC] Normal0.04432897
Andariel [TC] Hell0.04402187
Izual [TC] Hell0.04376132
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Hell0.04275531
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Normal0.04257594
Achmel The Cursed [TC] Normal0.04257594
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Normal0.04257594
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Normal0.04257594
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Normal0.04257594
Nihlathak [TC] Hell0.04177243
Ghost [TC] Normal0.04161630
Wraith [TC] Normal0.04161630
Spector [TC] Normal0.04161630
Gloam [TC] Normal0.04161630
BlackSoul [TC] Normal0.04161630
Burning Soul [TC] Normal0.04161630
The Summoner [TC] Hell0.04136356
Radament [TC] Hell0.04105514
Fallen [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Zombie [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Hungry Dead [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Gargantuan Beast [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Dark Hunter [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Dark Spearwoman [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Returned Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Bone Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Horror Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Moon Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Ratman [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Fetish [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Flayer [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Soul Killer [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Spear Cat [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Night Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Heirophant [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Council Member [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Catapult [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Minion of Destruction [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Bonebreaker [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Coldcrow [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Rakanishu [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Bone Ash [TC] Nightmare0.03953196
Fallen Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03907028
Foul Crow [TC] Nightmare0.03907028
Banished [TC] Nightmare0.03907028
Foul Crow Nest [TC] Nightmare0.03907028
Council Member [TC] Hell0.03857598
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Hell0.03857598
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Hell0.03857598
Toorc Icefist [TC] Hell0.03857598
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Hell0.03857598
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Hell0.03857598
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Hell0.03857598
Devilkin [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Dark One [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Brute [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Yeti [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Vile Hunter [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Dark Stalker [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Black Rogue [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Vile Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Dark Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Black Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Returned [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Bone Warrior [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Night Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Blood Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Death Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Arach [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Ratman [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Tomb Viper [TC] Nightmare0.03808441
Carver Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Dark shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Blood Hawk [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Misshapen [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Disfigured [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Tainted [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Afflicted [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Blood Hawk Nest [TC] Nightmare0.03763963
Burning Dead [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Horror [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Sand Leaper [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Cave Leaper [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Dung Soldier [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Sand Maggot Queen [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Sand Maggot [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Rock Worm [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Huntress [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Sabre Cat [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Dried Corpse [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Decayed [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Sand Raider [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Desert Wing [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Claw Viper [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Bone Warrior [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Returned [TC] Nightmare0.03682986
Vile Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03675008
Dark Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03675008
Black Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03675008
Skeleton Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03675008
Returned Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03675008
Bone Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03675008
Black Raptor Nest [TC] Nightmare0.03639974
Hollow One [TC] Nightmare0.03639974
Ghoul [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Plague Bearer [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Crusher [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Hell Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Tomb Creeper [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Death Beatle [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Scarab [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Steel Scarab [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Devourer [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Giant Lamprey [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Night Tiger [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Hell Cat [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Embalmed [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Marauder [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Invader [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Salamander [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Dune Beast [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Blunderbore [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Gorebelly [TC] Nightmare0.03566784
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03553949
Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.03553949
Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.03528941
Black Raptor [TC] Nightmare0.03525128
Ghoul Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03525128
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Guardian [TC] Nightmare0.03525128
Unraveler [TC] Nightmare0.03525128
Horror Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03525128
Horror Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03525128
Drowned Carcass [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Poison Spinner [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Flame Spider [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Tree Lurker [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Infidel [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Gloom Bat [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Pit Viper [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Jungle Hunter [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Doom Ape [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Thorned Hulk [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Bramble Hulk [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Swamp Dweller [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Bog Creature [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Undead Flayer [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Zakarumite [TC] Nightmare0.03462049
Horror Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03441817
Hell Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.03441817
Duriel(1st Kill) [TC] Hell0.03433435
Cloud Stalker [TC] Nightmare0.03421617
Cloud Stalker Nest [TC] Nightmare0.03421617
Fetish Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03421617
Sexton [TC] Nightmare0.03421617
Wailing Beast [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Flesh Hunter [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Flesh Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Spider Magus [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Bone Scarab [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Preserved Dead [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Cadaver [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Blood Diver [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Dark Familiar [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Serpent Magus [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Temple Guard [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Thrasher [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Slime Prince [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Faithful [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Zealot [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Gloom Bat [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Scarab [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Steel Scarab [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Flayer [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Soul Killer [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Flayer [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Soul Killer [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Temple Guard [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Temple Guard [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Zealot [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Zealot [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Arach [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Cadaver [TC] Nightmare0.03364264
Night Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Dark Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Blood Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Flayer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Cantor [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Flayer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Stygian Doll Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Heirophant [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Heirophant [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Blood Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Ghoul Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Dark Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03324974
Hell Bovine [TC] Nightmare0.03284497
Cliff Lurker [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Blood Maggot [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Assailant [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Urdar [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Spikefist [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Balrog [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Corpulent [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Doom Knight [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
WorldKiller [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Doom Knight [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Doom Knight [TC] Nightmare0.03274380
Flesh Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03246394
Damned [TC] Nightmare0.03236139
Flesh Spawner [TC] Nightmare0.03236139
Flesh Beast [TC] Nightmare0.03236139
Stygian Dog [TC] Nightmare0.03236139
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Nightmare0.03236139
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Nightmare0.03236139
Flesh Beast [TC] Nightmare0.03236139
Spike Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.03214504
Quill Rat [TC] Nightmare0.03214504
Pit Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Venom Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Maw Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Abyss Knight [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Oblivion Knight [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Balrog [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Pit Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Maw Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Oblivion Knight [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Oblivion Knight [TC] Nightmare0.03189940
Grotesque [TC] Nightmare0.03152686
Grotesque [TC] Nightmare0.03152686
Flesh Spawner [TC] Nightmare0.03152686
Enslaved [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Slayer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Death Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Death Brawler [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Overseer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Lasher [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Snow Drifter [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Rot Walker [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Succubus [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Vile Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Frozen Creeper [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Moon Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Bone Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Afflicted [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Tainted [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Moon Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Night Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Foul Crow [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Blood Hawk [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Claw Viper [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Pit Viper [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Marauder [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Infidel [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Death Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Thorned Hulk [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Vile Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Dark Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Vile Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Dark Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Black Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Blunderbore [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Huntress [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Sabre Cat [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Cave Leaper [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Tomb Creeper [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Succubusexp [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Hell Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Carver [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Devilkin [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Dark One [TC] Nightmare0.03112399
Reanimated Horde [TC] Nightmare0.03098715
Thorn Beast [TC] Nightmare0.03096797
Ghost [TC] Nightmare0.03096797
Wraith [TC] Nightmare0.03096797
Demon Imp [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Demon Rascal [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Siren [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Putrid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Wretched Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Returned Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Returned Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Horror Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Bone Mage [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Siren [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Hell Witch [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Vile Witch [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Carver Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Dark shaman [TC] Nightmare0.03076050
Council Member [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Ice Boar [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Fire Boar [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Death Slasher [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Death Berserker [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Overlord [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Blood Boss [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Abobinable [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Plowling Dead [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Stygian Harlot [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Frozen Terror [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Night Lord [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Returned Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Misshapen [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Disfigured [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Hell Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Blood Clan [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Black Raptor [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Cloud Stalker [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Salamander [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Tomb Viper [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Sand Raider [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Invader [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Slayer [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.03039166
The Countess [TC] Nightmare0.03035079
Unraveler [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Demon Gremlin [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Demon Trickster [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Stygian Fury [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Blood Witch [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Fetid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Rancid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Rank Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Guardian [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Unraveler [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Nightmare0.03003673
Carrion Bird [TC] Nightmare0.02994785
Undead Scavenger [TC] Nightmare0.02994785
Warped One [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Ice Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Hell Whip [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Siege Beast [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Crush Beast [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Blood Bringer [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Gore Bearer [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Demon Steed [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Chilled Forth [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Frozen Abyss [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Unholy Corpse [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Defiled Warrior [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Blood Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Frozen Scourge [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Frozen Horror [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Frozen Scorch [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Hell Lord [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Death Lord [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Horror Archer [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Damned [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Death Clan [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Serpent Magus [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Assailant [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Moon Lord [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Hell Lord [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Unholy Corpse [TC] Nightmare0.02969300
Warped Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.02934623
Hell Witch [TC] Nightmare0.02934623
Demon Imp [TC] Nightmare0.02934623
Demon Trickster [TC] Nightmare0.02934623
Itchies [TC] Nightmare0.02900296
Black Locusts [TC] Nightmare0.02900296
Spector [TC] Nightmare0.02900296
Apparition [TC] Nightmare0.02900296
Sucker [TC] Nightmare0.02815132
Dark Shape [TC] Nightmare0.02815132
Gloam [TC] Nightmare0.02815132
Jungle Urchin [TC] Nightmare0.02815132
Duriel [TC] Nightmare0.02751811
Hell Buzzard [TC] Nightmare0.02735619
Winged Nightmare [TC] Nightmare0.02735619
Plague Bugs [TC] Nightmare0.02735619
Hell Swarm [TC] Nightmare0.02735619
Feeder [TC] Nightmare0.02735619
Fallen [TC] Hell0.02733897
Zombie [TC] Hell0.02733897
Hungry Dead [TC] Hell0.02733897
Gargantuan Beast [TC] Hell0.02733897
Dark Hunter [TC] Hell0.02733897
Dark Spearwoman [TC] Hell0.02733897
Returned Mage [TC] Hell0.02733897
Bone Mage [TC] Hell0.02733897
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Hell0.02733897
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.02733897
Moon Clan [TC] Hell0.02733897
Ratman [TC] Hell0.02733897
Fetish [TC] Hell0.02733897
Flayer [TC] Hell0.02733897
Soul Killer [TC] Hell0.02733897
Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.02733897
Spear Cat [TC] Hell0.02733897
Night Slinger [TC] Hell0.02733897
Heirophant [TC] Hell0.02733897
Council Member [TC] Hell0.02733897
Catapult [TC] Hell0.02733897
Minion of Destruction [TC] Hell0.02733897
Bonebreaker [TC] Hell0.02733897
Coldcrow [TC] Hell0.02733897
Rakanishu [TC] Hell0.02733897
Bone Ash [TC] Hell0.02733897
Fallen Shaman [TC] Hell0.02700017
Foul Crow [TC] Hell0.02700017
Banished [TC] Hell0.02700017
Foul Crow Nest [TC] Hell0.02700017
Devilkin [TC] Hell0.02671049
Dark One [TC] Hell0.02671049
Brute [TC] Hell0.02671049
Yeti [TC] Hell0.02671049
Vile Hunter [TC] Hell0.02671049
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Dark Stalker [TC] Hell0.02671049
Black Rogue [TC] Hell0.02671049
Vile Lancer [TC] Hell0.02671049
Dark Lancer [TC] Hell0.02671049
Black Lancer [TC] Hell0.02671049
Returned [TC] Hell0.02671049
Bone Warrior [TC] Hell0.02671049
Night Clan [TC] Hell0.02671049
Blood Clan [TC] Hell0.02671049
Death Clan [TC] Hell0.02671049
Arach [TC] Hell0.02671049
Ratman [TC] Hell0.02671049
Tomb Viper [TC] Hell0.02671049
Doom Caster [TC] Nightmare0.02662530
Carver Shaman [TC] Hell0.02637947
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Hell0.02637947
Dark shaman [TC] Hell0.02637947
Blood Hawk [TC] Hell0.02637947
Misshapen [TC] Hell0.02637947
Disfigured [TC] Hell0.02637947
Tainted [TC] Hell0.02637947
Afflicted [TC] Hell0.02637947
Blood Hawk Nest [TC] Hell0.02637947
Burning Dead [TC] Hell0.02609645
Horror [TC] Hell0.02609645
Sand Leaper [TC] Hell0.02609645
Cave Leaper [TC] Hell0.02609645
Dung Soldier [TC] Hell0.02609645
Sand Maggot Queen [TC] Hell0.02609645
Sand Maggot [TC] Hell0.02609645
Rock Worm [TC] Hell0.02609645
Huntress [TC] Hell0.02609645
Sabre Cat [TC] Hell0.02609645
Dried Corpse [TC] Hell0.02609645
Decayed [TC] Hell0.02609645
Sand Raider [TC] Hell0.02609645
Desert Wing [TC] Hell0.02609645
Claw Viper [TC] Hell0.02609645
Bone Warrior [TC] Hell0.02609645
Returned [TC] Hell0.02609645
Strangler [TC] Nightmare0.02593869
Storm Caster [TC] Nightmare0.02593869
Strangler [TC] Nightmare0.02593869
Storm Caster [TC] Nightmare0.02593869
Black Raptor Nest [TC] Hell0.02577305
Hollow One [TC] Hell0.02577305
Vile Archer [TC] Hell0.02571744
Dark Archer [TC] Hell0.02571744
Black Archer [TC] Hell0.02571744
Skeleton Archer [TC] Hell0.02571744
Returned Archer [TC] Hell0.02571744
Bone Archer [TC] Hell0.02571744
Ghoul [TC] Hell0.02549654
Plague Bearer [TC] Hell0.02549654
Crusher [TC] Hell0.02549654
Hell Clan [TC] Hell0.02549654
Tomb Creeper [TC] Hell0.02549654
Death Beatle [TC] Hell0.02549654
Scarab [TC] Hell0.02549654
Steel Scarab [TC] Hell0.02549654
Devourer [TC] Hell0.02549654
Giant Lamprey [TC] Hell0.02549654
Night Tiger [TC] Hell0.02549654
Hell Cat [TC] Hell0.02549654
Embalmed [TC] Hell0.02549654
Marauder [TC] Hell0.02549654
Invader [TC] Hell0.02549654
Fiend [TC] Hell0.02549654
Salamander [TC] Hell0.02549654
Dune Beast [TC] Hell0.02549654
Blunderbore [TC] Hell0.02549654
Gorebelly [TC] Hell0.02549654
Carrion Bird [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Quill Rat [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Spike Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Razor Spine [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Gloam [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
BlackSoul [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Burning Soul [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Ghost [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Wraith [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Spector [TC] Nightmare0.02530818
Mauler [TC] Hell0.02526677
Black Raptor [TC] Hell0.02518056
Ghoul Lord [TC] Hell0.02518056
Guardian [TC] Hell0.02518056
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.02518056
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.02518056
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.02518056
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Hell0.02512624
Slinger [TC] Hell0.02512624
Drowned Carcass [TC] Hell0.02491041
Poison Spinner [TC] Hell0.02491041
Flame Spider [TC] Hell0.02491041
Tree Lurker [TC] Hell0.02491041
Infidel [TC] Hell0.02491041
Gloom Bat [TC] Hell0.02491041
Pit Viper [TC] Hell0.02491041
Jungle Hunter [TC] Hell0.02491041
Doom Ape [TC] Hell0.02491041
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Thorned Hulk [TC] Hell0.02491041
Bramble Hulk [TC] Hell0.02491041
Swamp Dweller [TC] Hell0.02491041
Bog Creature [TC] Hell0.02491041
Undead Flayer [TC] Hell0.02491041
Zakarumite [TC] Hell0.02491041
Cloud Stalker [TC] Hell0.02460170
Cloud Stalker Nest [TC] Hell0.02460170
Fetish Shaman [TC] Hell0.02460170
Sexton [TC] Hell0.02460170
Horror Archer [TC] Hell0.02454862
Hell Slinger [TC] Hell0.02454862
Wailing Beast [TC] Hell0.02433776
Flesh Hunter [TC] Hell0.02433776
Flesh Lancer [TC] Hell0.02433776
Spider Magus [TC] Hell0.02433776
Bone Scarab [TC] Hell0.02433776
Preserved Dead [TC] Hell0.02433776
Cadaver [TC] Hell0.02433776
Blood Diver [TC] Hell0.02433776
Dark Familiar [TC] Hell0.02433776
Serpent Magus [TC] Hell0.02433776
Temple Guard [TC] Hell0.02433776
Thrasher [TC] Hell0.02433776
Slime Prince [TC] Hell0.02433776
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Hell0.02433776
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.02433776
Faithful [TC] Hell0.02433776
Zealot [TC] Hell0.02433776
Gloom Bat [TC] Hell0.02433776
Fiend [TC] Hell0.02433776
Scarab [TC] Hell0.02433776
Steel Scarab [TC] Hell0.02433776
Flayer [TC] Hell0.02433776
Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.02433776
Soul Killer [TC] Hell0.02433776
Flayer [TC] Hell0.02433776
Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.02433776
Soul Killer [TC] Hell0.02433776
Temple Guard [TC] Hell0.02433776
Temple Guard [TC] Hell0.02433776
Zealot [TC] Hell0.02433776
Zealot [TC] Hell0.02433776
Arach [TC] Hell0.02433776
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.02433776
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Hell0.02433776
Cadaver [TC] Hell0.02433776
Night Lord [TC] Hell0.02403614
Dark Lord [TC] Hell0.02403614
Blood Lord [TC] Hell0.02403614
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Hell0.02403614
Flayer Shaman [TC] Hell0.02403614
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Hell0.02403614
Cantor [TC] Hell0.02403614
Flayer Shaman [TC] Hell0.02403614
Stygian Doll Shaman [TC] Hell0.02403614
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Hell0.02403614
Heirophant [TC] Hell0.02403614
Heirophant [TC] Hell0.02403614
Blood Lord [TC] Hell0.02403614
Ghoul Lord [TC] Hell0.02403614
Dark Lord [TC] Hell0.02403614
Hell Bovine [TC] Hell0.02384674
Cliff Lurker [TC] Hell0.02377827
Blood Maggot [TC] Hell0.02377827
Assailant [TC] Hell0.02377827
Urdar [TC] Hell0.02377827
Spikefist [TC] Hell0.02377827
Balrog [TC] Hell0.02377827
Corpulent [TC] Hell0.02377827
Doom Knight [TC] Hell0.02377827
WorldKiller [TC] Hell0.02377827
Doom Knight [TC] Hell0.02377827
Doom Knight [TC] Hell0.02377827
Damned [TC] Hell0.02348359
Flesh Spawner [TC] Hell0.02348359
Flesh Beast [TC] Hell0.02348359
Stygian Dog [TC] Hell0.02348359
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Hell0.02348359
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Hell0.02348359
Flesh Beast [TC] Hell0.02348359
Flesh Archer [TC] Hell0.02343292
Pit Lord [TC] Hell0.02323164
Venom Lord [TC] Hell0.02323164
Maw Fiend [TC] Hell0.02323164
Abyss Knight [TC] Hell0.02323164
Oblivion Knight [TC] Hell0.02323164
Balrog [TC] Hell0.02323164
Pit Lord [TC] Hell0.02323164
Maw Fiend [TC] Hell0.02323164
Oblivion Knight [TC] Hell0.02323164
Oblivion Knight [TC] Hell0.02323164
Grotesque [TC] Hell0.02294374
Grotesque [TC] Hell0.02294374
Flesh Spawner [TC] Hell0.02294374
Enslaved [TC] Hell0.02269758
Slayer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Death Mauler [TC] Hell0.02269758
Death Brawler [TC] Hell0.02269758
Overseer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Lasher [TC] Hell0.02269758
Siege Beast [TC] Hell0.02269758
Snow Drifter [TC] Hell0.02269758
Rot Walker [TC] Hell0.02269758
Succubus [TC] Hell0.02269758
Vile Temptress [TC] Hell0.02269758
Frozen Creeper [TC] Hell0.02269758
Moon Lord [TC] Hell0.02269758
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Bone Archer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Afflicted [TC] Hell0.02269758
Tainted [TC] Hell0.02269758
Moon Clan [TC] Hell0.02269758
Night Clan [TC] Hell0.02269758
Foul Crow [TC] Hell0.02269758
Blood Hawk [TC] Hell0.02269758
Claw Viper [TC] Hell0.02269758
Pit Viper [TC] Hell0.02269758
Marauder [TC] Hell0.02269758
Infidel [TC] Hell0.02269758
Death Mauler [TC] Hell0.02269758
Thorned Hulk [TC] Hell0.02269758
Slinger [TC] Hell0.02269758
Slinger [TC] Hell0.02269758
Slinger [TC] Hell0.02269758
Vile Archer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Dark Archer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Vile Lancer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Dark Lancer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Black Lancer [TC] Hell0.02269758
Blunderbore [TC] Hell0.02269758
Mauler [TC] Hell0.02269758
Huntress [TC] Hell0.02269758
Sabre Cat [TC] Hell0.02269758
Cave Leaper [TC] Hell0.02269758
Tomb Creeper [TC] Hell0.02269758
Succubusexp [TC] Hell0.02269758
Hell Temptress [TC] Hell0.02269758
Carver [TC] Hell0.02269758
Devilkin [TC] Hell0.02269758
Dark One [TC] Hell0.02269758
The Countess [TC] Hell0.02252884
Demon Imp [TC] Hell0.02241629
Demon Rascal [TC] Hell0.02241629
Siren [TC] Hell0.02241629
Putrid Defiler [TC] Hell0.02241629
Wretched Defiler [TC] Hell0.02241629
Returned Mage [TC] Hell0.02241629
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Hell0.02241629
Returned Mage [TC] Hell0.02241629
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.02241629
Bone Mage [TC] Hell0.02241629
Siren [TC] Hell0.02241629
Hell Witch [TC] Hell0.02241629
Vile Witch [TC] Hell0.02241629
Carver Shaman [TC] Hell0.02241629
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Hell0.02241629
Dark shaman [TC] Hell0.02241629
Ice Boar [TC] Hell0.02217580
Fire Boar [TC] Hell0.02217580
Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.02217580
Ice Spawn [TC] Hell0.02217580
Death Slasher [TC] Hell0.02217580
Death Berserker [TC] Hell0.02217580
Overlord [TC] Hell0.02217580
Blood Boss [TC] Hell0.02217580
Crush Beast [TC] Hell0.02217580
Blood Bringer [TC] Hell0.02217580
Abobinable [TC] Hell0.02217580
Chilled Forth [TC] Hell0.02217580
Reanimated Horde [TC] Hell0.02217580
Plowling Dead [TC] Hell0.02217580
Stygian Harlot [TC] Hell0.02217580
Frozen Terror [TC] Hell0.02217580
Night Lord [TC] Hell0.02217580
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Hell0.02217580
Returned Archer [TC] Hell0.02217580
Misshapen [TC] Hell0.02217580
Disfigured [TC] Hell0.02217580
Hell Clan [TC] Hell0.02217580
Blood Clan [TC] Hell0.02217580
Black Raptor [TC] Hell0.02217580
Cloud Stalker [TC] Hell0.02217580
Salamander [TC] Hell0.02217580
Tomb Viper [TC] Hell0.02217580
Sand Raider [TC] Hell0.02217580
Invader [TC] Hell0.02217580
Council Member [TC] Hell0.02207746
Quill Rat [TC] Hell0.02191810
Spike Fiend [TC] Hell0.02191810
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.02190098
Demon Gremlin [TC] Hell0.02190098
Demon Trickster [TC] Hell0.02190098
Stygian Fury [TC] Hell0.02190098
Blood Witch [TC] Hell0.02190098
Fetid Defiler [TC] Hell0.02190098
Rancid Defiler [TC] Hell0.02190098
Rank Defiler [TC] Hell0.02190098
Guardian [TC] Hell0.02190098
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.02190098
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Hell0.02190098
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Hell0.02190098
Frozen Scourge [TC] Hell0.02177819
Frozen Horror [TC] Hell0.02177819
Warped One [TC] Hell0.02167985
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.02167985
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Hell0.02167985
Hell Whip [TC] Hell0.02167985
Gore Bearer [TC] Hell0.02167985
Demon Steed [TC] Hell0.02167985
Frozen Abyss [TC] Hell0.02167985
Unholy Corpse [TC] Hell0.02167985
Defiled Warrior [TC] Hell0.02167985
Blood Temptress [TC] Hell0.02167985
Frozen Scorch [TC] Hell0.02167985
Hell Lord [TC] Hell0.02167985
Death Lord [TC] Hell0.02167985
Horror Archer [TC] Hell0.02167985
Damned [TC] Hell0.02167985
Death Clan [TC] Hell0.02167985
Serpent Magus [TC] Hell0.02167985
Assailant [TC] Hell0.02167985
Moon Lord [TC] Hell0.02167985
Hell Lord [TC] Hell0.02167985
Slayer [TC] Hell0.02167985
Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.02167985
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.02167985
Unholy Corpse [TC] Hell0.02167985
Ghost [TC] Hell0.02141423
Wraith [TC] Hell0.02141423
Thorn Beast [TC] Hell0.02141423
Warped Shaman [TC] Hell0.02141118
Hell Witch [TC] Hell0.02141118
Demon Imp [TC] Hell0.02141118
Demon Trickster [TC] Hell0.02141118
Duriel [TC] Hell0.02101057
Carrion Bird [TC] Hell0.02092195
Undead Scavenger [TC] Hell0.02092195
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Nightmare0.02052916
Achmel The Cursed [TC] Nightmare0.02052916
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Nightmare0.02052916
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Nightmare0.02052916
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Nightmare0.02052916
Spector [TC] Hell0.02044099
Apparition [TC] Hell0.02044099
Itchies [TC] Hell0.02044099
Black Locusts [TC] Hell0.02044099
Jungle Urchin [TC] Hell0.01997108
Dark Shape [TC] Hell0.01997108
Gloam [TC] Hell0.01997108
Sucker [TC] Hell0.01997108
Hell Buzzard [TC] Hell0.01951198
Winged Nightmare [TC] Hell0.01951198
Plague Bugs [TC] Hell0.01951198
Hell Swarm [TC] Hell0.01951198
Feeder [TC] Hell0.01951198
Doom Caster [TC] Hell0.01906342
Strangler [TC] Hell0.01862519
Storm Caster [TC] Hell0.01862519
Strangler [TC] Hell0.01862519
Storm Caster [TC] Hell0.01862519
Gloam [TC] Hell0.01819702
BlackSoul [TC] Hell0.01819702
Burning Soul [TC] Hell0.01819702
Ghost [TC] Hell0.01819702
Wraith [TC] Hell0.01819702
Spector [TC] Hell0.01819702
Quill Rat [TC] Hell0.01819702
Spike Fiend [TC] Hell0.01819702
Razor Spine [TC] Hell0.01819702
Carrion Bird [TC] Hell0.01819702
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Hell0.01192906
Achmel The Cursed [TC] Hell0.01192906
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Hell0.01192906
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Hell0.01192906
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Hell0.01192906

End of Data