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Monster Index(Act)

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Afflicted Arach Banished Black Archer Black Rogue
Blood Clan Blood Hawk Blood Hawk Nest Bone Archer Bone Mage
Bone Warrior Bone Warrior Brute Carver Carver Shaman
Dark Archer Dark Hunter Dark Lancer Dark One Dark Ranger
Dark Spearwoman Dark Stalker Dark shaman Death Clan Devilkin
Devilkin Shaman Disfigured Fallen Fallen Shaman Foul Crow
Foul Crow Nest Gargantuan Beast Gargoyle Trap Ghost Ghoul
Hell Bovine Hungry Dead Misshapen Moon Clan Night Clan
Night Slinger Quill Rat Ratman Razor Spine Returned
Returned Archer Returned Mage Skeleton Skeleton Archer Spike Fiend
Tainted Thorn Beast Vile Archer Vile Hunter Vile Lancer
Wraith Yeti Zombie
Super Unique Monster
Andariel Bishibosh Blood Raven Bone Ash Bonebreaker
Coldcrow Corpsefire Cow King Griswold Pitspawn Fouldog
Rakanishu The Countess The Smith Treehead Woodfist
Apparition Black Locusts Black Raptor Black Raptor Nest Blunderbore
Burning Dead Burning Dead Archer Burning Dead Mage Carrion Bird Cave Leaper
Claw Viper Crusher Death Beatle Decayed Desert Wing
Devourer Devourer Egg Devourer Young Dried Corpse Dune Beast
Dung Soldier Embalmed Fire Tower Ghoul Lord Gorebelly
Guardian Hell Cat Hell Clan Hell Slinger Hollow One
Horror Horror Archer Horror Mage Huntress Invader
Itchies Lightning Spire Marauder Night Tiger Plague Bearer
Preserved Dead Rock Worm Rock Worm Egg Rock Worm Young Sabre Cat
Salamander Sand Leaper Sand Maggot Sand Maggot Egg Sand Maggot Young
Sand Raider Scarab Slinger Spear Cat Spector
Steel Scarab Tomb Creeper Undead Scavenger Unraveler
Super Unique Monster
Ancient Kaa The Soulless Beetleburst Blood Witch The Wild Coldworm The Burrower Creeping Feature
Dark Elder Duriel Fangskin Fire Eye Radament
The Summoner
Blood Diver Blood Lord Bog Creature Bone Scarab Bramble Hulk
Cadaver Cantor Cloud Stalker Council Member Council Member
Dark Lord Dark Shape Doom Ape Drowned Carcass Faithful
Feeder Fetish Fetish Shaman Fiend Flame Spider
Flayer Flayer Shaman Flesh Archer Flesh Hunter Giant Lamprey
Giant Lamprey Egg Giant Lamprey Young Gloam Gloom Bat Heirophant
Hell Buzzard Hell Swarm Horadrim Ancient Horror Infidel
Jungle Hunter Mauler Night Lord Poison Spinner Preserved Dead
Serpent Magus Sexton Slime Prince Soul Killer Soul Killer Shaman
Spider Magus Sucker Swamp Dweller Temple Guard Thorned Hulk
Thrasher Tree Lurker Undead Flayer Undead Soulkiller Undead Stygian Doll
Wailing Beast Winged Nightmare Zakarumite Zealot
Super Unique Monster
Battlemaid Sarina Bremm Sparkfist Geleb Flamefinger Icehawk Riftwing Ismail Vilehand
Maffer Dragonhand Mephisto Sszark The Burning Stormtree Toorc Icefist
Witch Doctor Endugu Wyand Voidbringer
Abyss Knight Balrog Blood Maggot Blood Maggot Egg Blood Maggot Young
Burning Soul Cliff Lurker Corpse Spitter Corpulent Damned
Dark Familiar Doom Caster Doom Knight Flesh Beast Flesh Spawner
Grotesque Grotesque Wyrm Maw Fiend Oblivion Knight Pit Lord
Storm Caster Strangler Stygian Dog Stygian Hag Urdar
Venom Lord
Super Unique Monster
Diablo Grand Vizier of Chaos Hephasto The Armor Infector of Souls Izual
Lord De Seis
Abobinable Afflicted Arach Assailant Balrog
Berserker Slayer Black Lancer BlackSoul Blood Boss Blood Bringer
Blood Clan Blood Lord Blood Lord Blood Temptress Blunderbore
Bone Archer Bone Mage Bone Warrior Burning Dead Archer Burning Dead Mage
Burning Soul Cadaver Carrion Bird Carver Shaman Cave Leaper
Claw Viper Consumed Ice Boar Council Member Crush Beast Dark Archer
Dark Lancer Dark Lord Dark shaman Death Berserker Death Brawler
Death Brigadier Death Clan Death Lord Death Mauler Death Slasher
Defiled Warrior Demon Gremlin Demon Imp Demon Imp Demon Rascal
Demon Sprite Demon Trickster Demon Trickster Devilkin Shaman Enslaved
Fanatic Enslaved Fetid Defiler Fiend Fire Boar Flayer
Flayer Flayer Shaman Flesh Spawner Foul Crow Frenzied Ice Spawn
Frozen Abyss Frozen Creeper Frozen Scourge Frozen Terror Ghost
Ghoul Lord Gloam Gloom Bat Greater Hell Spawn Greater Hell Spawn
Grotesque Guardian Heirophant Heirophant Hell Clan
Hell Lord Hell Lord Hell Spawn Hell Spawn Hell Temptress
Hell Temptress Hell Whip Hell Witch Hell Witch Horadrim Ancient
Horadrim Ancient Horror Archer Horror Mage Horror Mage Horror Mage
Ice Boar Ice Spawn Infidel Invader Lasher
Mauler Maw Fiend Menace Worm Minion of Destruction Moon Lord
Moon Lord Night Clan Night Lord Oblivion Knight Oblivion Knight
Overlord Overseer Pit Lord Pit Viper Plowling Dead
Putrid Defiler Quill Rat Rancid Defiler Razor Spine Reanimated Horde
Returned Returned Archer Returned Mage Returned Mage Rot Walker
Sabre Cat Salamander Scarab Serpent Magus Siege Beast
Siren Slayer Slayer Slinger Slinger
Slinger Snow Drifter Soul Killer Soul Killer Soul Killer Shaman
Spector Spike Fiend Steel Scarab Storm Caster Strangler
Stygian Doll Stygian Fury Stygian Harlot Succubus Succubusexp
Temple Guard Temple Guard Thorned Hulk Tomb Creeper Tomb Viper
Torment Worm Undead Soulkiller Undead Stygian Doll Unholy Corpse Unholy Corpse
Unraveler Unraveler Venom Lord Vile Archer Vile Lancer
Vile Temptress Vile Witch Vile Witch Warped One Warped Shaman
WorldKiller Wraith Wretched Defiler
Super Unique Monster
Achmel The Cursed Baal Bartuc The Bloody Bonesaw Breaker Colenzo The Annihilator
Dac Farren Eldritch The Rectifier Eyeback Unleashed Frozenstein Korlic
Lister The Tormentor Madawc Nihlathak Pindleskin Sharptooth Slayer
Shenk The Overseer Snapchip Shatter Talic Thresh Socket Ventor the Unholy
Not Specified
Agony Worm Anguish Worm Assailant Black Lancer Black Raptor
Blood Hawk Blood Witch Burning Dead Archer Carver Catapult
Chilled Forth Cloud Stalker Cloud Stalker Nest Consumed Fire Boar Damned
Dark One Death Mauler Demon Steed Devilkin Disfigured
Doom Knight Doom Knight Flesh Beast Flesh Lancer Flying Scimitar
Frenzied Hell Spawn Frozen Horror Frozen Scorch Gore Bearer Greater Ice Spawn
Grotesque Wyrm Huntress Insane Hell Spawn Insane Ice Spawn Jungle Urchin
Marauder Misshapen Moon Clan Mummy Sarcophagus Pain Worm
Pit Viper Plague Bugs Rank Defiler Ratman River Stalker
Sand Maggot Queen Sand Raider Siren Spikefist Stygian Doll
Stygian Doll Stygian Doll Shaman Stygian Watcher Tainted Tomb Viper
Water Watcher WorldKillerEgg WorldKillerYoung Zealot Zealot
Super Unique Monster