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patch 1.10

Base ItemˇˇGloves

Image Name Type Qlvl DEF ReqLv ReqStr Dur TC Craft Unique Item Set Item
Leather Glovesglov3(2-3)----12armo3 Caster The Hand of Broc Death's Hand
Demonhide Glovesglov33(28-35)2120armo33 Venom Grip
Bramble Mitsglov57(54-62)4250armo57
Laying of Hands
Heavy Glovesglov7(5-6)----14armo9 Blood Bloodfist Sander's Taboo
Sharkskin Glovesglov39(33-39)2520armo39 Gravepalm Magnus' Skin
Vampirebone Glovesglov63(56-65)4750armo63 Dracul's Grasp
Chain Glovesglov12(8-9)--2516armo12 Hitpower Chance Guards Cleglaw's Pincers
Heavy Bracersglov43(37-44)2558armo45 Ghoulhide Trang-Oul's Claws
Vambracesglov69(59-67)51106armo69 Soul Drainer
Light Gauntletsglov20(9-11)--4518armo21
Magefist Iratha's Cuff
Arctic Mitts
Battle Gauntletsglov49(39-47)2588armo51 Lava Gout M'avina's Icy Clutch
Crusader Gauntletsglov76(59-68)57151armo78

Gauntletsglov27(12-15)--6024armo27 Safety Frostburn Sigon Gage
War Gauntletsglov54(43-53)25110armo54 Hellmouth Immortal King's Forge
Ogre Gauntletsglov85(62-71)64185armo87 Steelrend