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Recipe Index

The kind of recipe of a craft has four, HitPower, Blood, Caster, and Safety.
The link and the feature of each recipe details.
HitPower In this recipe, Frost Nova and Damage Reflection surely attached.
And A knockback mod is surely added to Gloves, and the increasing block chance is surely added to a Shield.
Blood In this recipe, Life steal and a Life rise are surely added. I think that it is quite effective in the melee attack character.
Caster This recipe can surely acquire the mod of mana rise about mana recovery.
Since Fast Cast Rate is also added to Amulet and Belt, it is a very effective recipe for caster character. Moreover, the maximum mana rise is attached to Boots.
Safety Enhanced Defense, Damage Reduction, and Magic Damage Reduction are added to the item created with this recipe.
Moreover, Resistance of a different kind for every part is added. The very unique effect that Magic Resistance goes up is attached to a Shield.

The link to the craft page classified for every part .
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