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patch 1.10

Affix which can be attached to Druid Pelt (All)

Cold Resistance

AzureCold Resist +(5-10)%1175/3
AzureCold Resist +5%1171/1
LapisCold Resist +(11-20)%11712/9
CobaltCold Resist +(21-30)%11718/13

Fire Resistance

CrimsonFire Resist +(5-10)%1185/3
CrimsonFire Resist +5%1181/1
RussetFire Resist +(11-20)%11812/9
GarnetFire Resist +(21-30)%11818/13

Lightning Resistance

TangerineLightning Resist +(5-10)%1195/3
TangerineLightning Resist +5%1191/1
OcherLightning Resist +(11-20)%11912/9
CoralLightning Resist +(21-30)%11918/13

Poison Resistance

BerylPoison Resist +(5-10)%1205/3
BerylPoison Resist +5%1201/1
ViridianPoison Resist +(11-20)%12012/9
JadePoison Resist +(21-30)%12018/13

Attack Rating

Visionary+ (1 Per Character Level) 1-99% To Attack Rating (Based On Character Level)11125/18

Bonus to Mana

Lizard's+(3-5) to Mana1153/2
Lizard's+(1-2) to Mana1151/1
Mnemonic+ (0.75 Per Character Level) 0-74 To Mana (Based On Character Level)11525/18


Sturdy(10-20)% Enhanced Defense1011/1
Sturdy(21-30)% Enhanced Defense1014/3
Strong(31-40)% Enhanced Defense1019/6
Glorious(41-50)% Enhanced Defense10119/14
Blessed(51-65)% Enhanced Defense10125/18
Saintly(66-80)% Enhanced Defense10131/23
Holy(81-100)% Enhanced Defense10136/27
Godly(101-200)% Enhanced Defense10145/38
Godly(101-200)% Enhanced Defense10150/43

Skill Boost

Shaman's+1 to Druid Skill Levels12530/22
Hierophant's+2 to Druid Skill Levels12550/42

Druid Skill Boost

Trainer's+1 To Summoning (Druid Only)12520/15
Caretaker's+2 To Summoning (Druid Only)12540/30
Keeper's+3 To Summoning (Druid Only)12560/45
Spiritual+1 To Shape Shifting (Druid Only)12520/15
Feral+2 To Shape Shifting (Druid Only)12540/30
Communal+3 To Shape Shifting (Druid Only)12560/45
Nature's+1 To Elemental (Druid Only)12520/15
Terra's+2 To Elemental (Druid Only)12540/30
Gaean+3 To Elemental (Druid Only)12560/45

Add Sockets


Light Radius

Glimmering+1 to Light Radius1121/1
Glowing+2 to Light Radius1126/4

Bonus to Energy

of Energy+(1-3) to Energy234/3
of Energy+1 to Energy231/1
of the Mind+(4-6) to Energy2310/7
of Brilliance+(7-10) to Energy2316/12
of Sorcery+(11-15) to Energy2326/21
of Memory+ (0.75 Per Character Level) 0-74 To Mana (Based On Character Level)4120/1

Bonus to Life

of the Jackal+(1-5) to Life264/3
of the Jackal+(1-5) to Life268/6
of the Fox+(6-10) to Life2611/8
of the Fox+(6-10) to Life2617/13
of the Wolf+(11-20) to Life2627/20
of the Wolf+(11-20) to Life2634/26
of the Tiger+(21-30) to Life2643/35
of the Tiger+(21-30) to Life2651/43
of the Mammoth+(31-40) to Life2659/51
of the Mammoth+(31-40) to Life2668/60
of the Colosuss+(41-60) to Life2675/67
of the Centaur+ (0.75 Per Character Level) 0-74 To Life (Based On Character Level)4120/1

Bonus to Life and Mana

of the Elephant+ (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life (Based On Character Level)/+ (0.25 Per Character Level) 0-24 To Mana (Based On Character Level)4137/7

Reduce Damage Duration

of RemedyPoison Length Reduced By 25%297/5

Hit Recovery

of Balance10% Faster Hit Recovery185/3

Light Radius + AR

of Light+1 to Light Radius/+15 to Attack Rating256/4
of Radiance+3 to Light Radius/+30 to Attack Rating2515/11
of the Sun+5 to Light Radius/5% Bonus to Attack Rating2517/12


of Self-RepairRepairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds373/1
of RestorationRepairs 1 Durability in 20 Seconds3720/12
of AgesIndestructible3950/42

Sorceress Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of Charged Shield10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Charged Bolt When Struck 446/4
of Charged Shield12% Chance To Cast Level 4 Charged Bolt When Struck 4416/12
of Charged Shield14% Chance To Cast Level 5 Charged Bolt When Struck 4426/19
of Frost Shield5% Chance To Cast Level 3 Frost Nova When Struck 4412/9
of Nova Shield10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Nova When Struck 4418/13
of Nova Shield12% Chance To Cast Level 4 Nova When Struck 4428/21
of Nova Shield14% Chance To Cast Level 5 Nova When Struck 4438/28