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patch 1.10

Affix which can be attached to Circlet (All)

Cold Resistance

AzureCold Resist +(5-10)%1175/3
AzureCold Resist +5%1171/1
LapisCold Resist +(11-20)%11712/9
CobaltCold Resist +(21-30)%11718/13
SapphireCold Resist +(31-40)%11725/18

Fire Resistance

CrimsonFire Resist +(5-10)%1185/3
CrimsonFire Resist +5%1181/1
RussetFire Resist +(11-20)%11812/9
GarnetFire Resist +(21-30)%11818/13
RubyFire Resist +(31-40)%11825/18

Lightning Resistance

TangerineLightning Resist +(5-10)%1195/3
TangerineLightning Resist +5%1191/1
OcherLightning Resist +(11-20)%11912/9
CoralLightning Resist +(21-30)%11918/13
AmberLightning Resist +(31-40)%11925/18

Poison Resistance

BerylPoison Resist +(5-10)%1205/3
BerylPoison Resist +5%1201/1
ViridianPoison Resist +(11-20)%12012/9
JadePoison Resist +(21-30)%12018/13
EmeraldPoison Resist +(31-40)%12025/18

All Resistances

ShimmeringAll Resistances +(3-7)1168/6
RainbowAll Resistances +(8-11)11621/15
ScintillatingAll Resistances +(12-15)11634/25
PrismaticAll Resistances +(16-20)11642/31
ChromaticAll Resistances +(21-30)11655/41

Attack Rating

Bronze+(10-20) to Attack Rating1101/1
Iron+(21-40) to Attack Rating1104/3
Steel+(41-60) to Attack Rating1108/6
Silver+(61-80) to Attack Rating11012/9
Gold+(81-100) to Attack Rating11017/12
Platinum+(101-120) to Attack Rating11022/16
Visionary+ (1 Per Character Level) 1-99% To Attack Rating (Based On Character Level)11125/18


Jagged+(10-20)% Enhanced Damage1051/1
Deadly+(21-30)% Enhanced Damage1055/3

Damage + AR vs demon

Lunar+(25-50) to Attack Rating against Demon/+(10-25)% Damage to Demon1233/1
Arcadian+(51-100) to Attack Rating against Demon/+(26-50)% Damage to Demon12315/11

Add Cold Damage

SnowyAdds (6-9)-(19-30) Cold Damage Over 1 Seconds13725/18

Add Fire Damage

FieryAdds (16-25)-(31-60) Fire Damage13825/18

Add Lightning Damage

StaticAdds 1-(49-120) Lightning Damage13925/18

Add Poison Damage

Septic+6 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds1401/1

Bonus to Mana

Lizard's+(3-5) to Mana1153/2
Lizard's+(1-2) to Mana1151/1
Snake's+(5-10) to Mana1156/4
Serpent's+(11-20) to Mana11514/10
Drake's+(21-30) to Mana11520/15
Dragon's+(31-40) to Mana11524/18
Wyrm's+(41-60) to Mana11530/22
Great Wyrm's+(61-90) to Mana11537/29
Bahamut's+(91-120) to Mana11545/37
Mnemonic+ (0.75 Per Character Level) 0-74 To Mana (Based On Character Level)11525/18


Sturdy(10-20)% Enhanced Defense1011/1
Sturdy(21-30)% Enhanced Defense1014/3
Strong(31-40)% Enhanced Defense1019/6
Glorious(41-50)% Enhanced Defense10119/14
Blessed(51-65)% Enhanced Defense10125/18
Saintly(66-80)% Enhanced Defense10131/23
Holy(81-100)% Enhanced Defense10136/27
Godly(101-200)% Enhanced Defense10145/38
Godly(101-200)% Enhanced Defense10150/43

Skill Boost

Maiden's+1 to Amazon Skill Levels12536/27
Valkyrie's+2 to Amazon Skill Levels12590/67
Slayer's+1 to Barbarian Skill Levels12536/27
Berserker's+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels12590/67
Monk's+1 to Paladin Skill Levels12536/27
Priest's+2 to Paladin Skill Levels12590/67
Summoner's+1 to Necromancer Skill Levels12536/27
Necromancer's+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels12590/67
Angel's+1 to Sorceress Skill Levels12536/27
Arch-Angel's+2 to Sorceress Skill Levels12590/67
Shaman's+1 to Druid Skill Levels12536/27
Hierophant's+2 to Druid Skill Levels12590/67
Magekiller's+1 to Assasin Skill Levels12536/27
Witch-hunter's+2 to Assasin Skill Levels12590/67

Amazon Skill Boost

Acrobat's+1 To Passive and Magic Skills (Amazon Only)12520/15
Gymnast's+2 To Passive and Magic Skills (Amazon Only)12540/30
Athletic+3 To Passive and Magic Skills (Amazon Only)12560/45

Barbarian Skill Boost

Expert's+1 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)12520/15
Veteran's+2 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)12540/30
Master's+3 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)12560/45

Paladin Skill Boost

Lion Branded+1 To Combat Skills (Paladin Only)12520/15
Hawk Branded+2 To Combat Skills (Paladin Only)12540/30
Rose Branded+3 To Combat Skills (Paladin Only)12560/45
Captain's+1 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)12520/15
Commander's+2 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)12540/30
Marshal's+3 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)12560/45
Preserver's+1 To Defensive Auras (Paladin Only)12520/15
Warder's+2 To Defensive Auras (Paladin Only)12540/30
Guardian's+3 To Defensive Auras (Paladin Only)12560/45

Necromancer Skill Boost

Hexing+1 To Curses (Necromancer Only)12520/15
Blighting+2 To Curses (Necromancer Only)12540/30
Cursing+3 To Curses (Necromancer Only)12560/45
Fungal+1 To Poison and Bone (Necromancer Only)12520/15
Noxious+2 To Poison and Bone (Necromancer Only)12540/30
Venomous+3 To Poison and Bone (Necromancer Only)12560/45
Graverobber's+1 To Summoning (Necromancer Only)12520/15
Mojo+2 To Summoning (Necromancer Only)12540/30
Golemlord's+3 To Summoning (Necromancer Only)12560/45

Sorceress Skill Boost

Burning+1 To Fire Spells (Sorceress Only)12520/15
Blazing+2 To Fire Spells (Sorceress Only)12540/30
Volcanic+3 To Fire Spells (Sorceress Only)12560/45
Sparking+1 To Lightning Spells (Sorceress Only)12520/15
Charged+2 To Lightning Spells (Sorceress Only)12540/30
Powered+3 To Lightning Spells (Sorceress Only)12560/45
Chilling+1 To Cold Spells (Sorceress Only)12520/15
Freezing+2 To Cold Spells (Sorceress Only)12540/30
Glacial+3 To Cold Spells (Sorceress Only)12560/45

Druid Skill Boost

Trainer's+1 To Summoning (Druid Only)12520/15
Caretaker's+2 To Summoning (Druid Only)12540/30
Keeper's+3 To Summoning (Druid Only)12560/45
Spiritual+1 To Shape Shifting (Druid Only)12520/15
Feral+2 To Shape Shifting (Druid Only)12540/30
Communal+3 To Shape Shifting (Druid Only)12560/45
Nature's+1 To Elemental (Druid Only)12520/15
Terra's+2 To Elemental (Druid Only)12540/30
Gaean+3 To Elemental (Druid Only)12560/45

Assasin Skill Boost

Entrapping+1 To Traps (Assasin Only)12520/15
Trickster's+2 To Traps (Assasin Only)12540/30
Cunning+3 To Traps (Assasin Only)12560/45
Mentalist's+1 To Shadow Disciplines (Assasin Only)12520/15
Psychic+2 To Shadow Disciplines (Assasin Only)12540/30
Shadow+3 To Shadow Disciplines (Assasin Only)12560/45
Shogukusha's+1 To Martial Arts (Assasin Only)12520/15
Sensei's+2 To Martial Arts (Assasin Only)12540/30
Kenshi's+3 To Martial Arts (Assasin Only)12560/45

Getting Mana

Triumphant+1 Mana After Each Kill1213/2
Victorious+(2-5) Mana After Each Kill12117/12

Bonus to Stamina

Rugged+(5-10)% To Maximum Stamina1091/1
Rugged+(11-20)% To Maximum Stamina1098/6

Magic Find

Felicitous(5-10)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items1145/3
Fortuitous(11-15)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items11412/8

Add Sockets


Light Radius

Glimmering+1 to Light Radius1121/1
Glowing+2 to Light Radius1126/4

Bonus to Strength

of Strength+(1-2) to Strength311/1
of Might+(3-5) to Strength3110/8
of the Ox+(6-9) to Strength3126/19
of the Giant+(10-15) to Strength3142/34
of the Titan+(16-20) to Strength3158/50
of Atlus+(21-30) to Strength3171/63

Bonus to Dexterity

of Dexterity+(1-2) to Dexterity171/1
of Skill+(3-5) to Dexterity1711/8
of Accuracy+(6-9) to Dexterity1727/20
of Precision+(10-15) to Dexterity1743/35
of Perfection+(16-20) to Dexterity1759/51
of Nirvana+(21-30) to Dexterity1772/64

Bonus to Energy

of Energy+(1-3) to Energy231/1
of Energy+(1-3) to Energy234/3
of Energy+1 to Energy231/1
of the Mind+(4-6) to Energy237/3
of the Mind+(4-6) to Energy2310/7
of Brilliance+(7-10) to Energy2313/9
of Brilliance+(7-10) to Energy2316/12
of Sorcery+(11-15) to Energy2321/16
of Sorcery+(11-15) to Energy2326/21
of Wizardry+(16-20) to Energy2331/23
of Enlightenment+(21-30) to Energy2341/33
of Memory+ (0.75 Per Character Level) 0-74 To Mana (Based On Character Level)4120/1

Bonus to Life

of the Jackal+(1-5) to Life261/1
of the Jackal+(1-5) to Life268/6
of the Fox+(6-10) to Life267/5
of the Fox+(6-10) to Life2617/13
of the Wolf+(11-20) to Life2615/11
of the Wolf+(11-20) to Life2634/26
of the Tiger+(21-30) to Life2620/15
of the Tiger+(21-30) to Life2651/43
of the Mammoth+(31-40) to Life2625/18
of the Mammoth+(31-40) to Life2668/60
of the Colosuss+(41-60) to Life2630/22
of the Squid+(61-80) to Life2640/30
of the Whale+(81-100) to Life2650/37
of RegenerationReplenish Life +(3-5)1910/7
of RegenerationReplenish Life +2191/1
of RegrowthReplenish Life +(6-10)1917/12
of RevivificationReplenish Life +(11-15)1938/30

Bonus to Life and Mana

of the Elephant+ (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life (Based On Character Level)/+ (0.25 Per Character Level) 0-24 To Mana (Based On Character Level)4137/7


of Worth+(2-3) to Minimum Damage1515/11
of Measure+(4-5) to Minimum Damage1537/29
of Excellence+(6-9) to Minimum Damage1559/51
of Performance+(10-13) to Minimum Damage1581/73
of Craftsmanship+(1-2) to Maximum Damage141/1
of Craftsmanship+(2-3) to Maximum Damage148/6
of Craftsmanship+(4-5) to Maximum Damage1415/11
of Quality+(6-7) to Maximum Damage1423/17
of Quality+(7-8) to Maximum Damage1430/22
of Maiming+(9-10) to Maximum Damage1437/29
of Maiming+(11-12) to Maximum Damage1445/37

Add Poison Damage

of Blight+7 Poison Damage Over 3 Seconds165/3
of Venom+21 Poison Damage Over 4 Seconds1615/11
of Pestilence+50 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds1625/18


of the Leech(3-4)% Life Stolen per Hit2714/10
of the Locust(5-6)% Life Stolen per Hit2747/35
of the Lamprey(7-8)% Life Stolen per Hit2777/65
of the Bat(3-4)% Mana Stolen per Hit2815/11
of the Wraith(5-6)% Mana Stolen per Hit2858/40
of the Vampire(7-8)% Mana Stolen per Hit2878/66

Cast Rate

of the Apprentice10% Faster Cast Rate95/3
of the Magus20% Faster Cast Rate929/21

Damage Reduction

of HealthDamage Reduce By 117/5
of ProtectionDamage Reduce By 2118/13
of ProtectionDamage Reduce By 2124/18
of AbsorptionDamage Reduce By 3126/19
of AbsorptionDamage Reduce By 3132/24
of LifeDamage Reduce By 4135/26
of LifeDamage Reduce By (4-7)141/33
of Life EverlastingDamage Reduce By (10-25)145/37
of AmicaeDamage Reduce By (8-15)151/43
of WardingMagic Damage Reduce By 127/5
of the SentinelMagic Damage Reduce By 2218/12
of the SentinelMagic Damage Reduce By 2224/18
of GuardingMagic Damage Reduce By 3226/19
of GuardingMagic Damage Reduce By 3232/24
of NegationMagic Damage Reduce By (4-6)242/35
of NegationMagic Damage Reduce By (4-6)241/33

Reduce Damage Duration

of RemedyPoison Length Reduced By 25%297/5
of AmeliorationPoison Length Reduced By 50%2918/13
of DefiancePoison Length Reduced By 75%2925/18
of WarmthHalf Freeze Duration1110/7

Moving Speed

of Pacing10% Faster Run/Walk3512/8
of Haste20% Faster Run/Walk3522/16
of Speed30% Faster Run/Walk3537/29

Hit Recovery

of Balance10% Faster Hit Recovery185/3

Damage Reflection

of ThornsAttackers Takes Damage of (1-3)614/10
of SpikesAttackers Takes Damage of (4-6)621/15
of RazorsAttackers Takes Damage of (7-9)634/26
of SwordsAttackers Takes Damage of (10-20)647/39

Magic Find and Get Gold

of Greed(25-40)% Extra Gold from Monster211/1
of Wealth(41-80)% Extra Gold from Monster2117/12
of Chance(5-15)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items2212/9
of Fortune(16-25)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items2216/12
of Luck(26-35)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items2226/19

Light Radius + AR

of Light+1 to Light Radius/+15 to Attack Rating256/4
of Radiance+3 to Light Radius/+30 to Attack Rating2515/11
of the Sun+5 to Light Radius/5% Bonus to Attack Rating2517/12


of Self-RepairRepairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds373/1
of RestorationRepairs 1 Durability in 20 Seconds3720/12
of AgesIndestructible3950/42

Amazon Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of Inner SightLevel6 Inner Sight (30 Charges)4418/14

Druid Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of TornadoLevel2 Tornado (20 Charges)4460/60
of TwisterLevel3 Twister (20 Charges)4448/48

Necromancer Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of AttractionLevel2 Attract (20 Charges)4460/60
of Bone SpiritsLevel1 Bone Spirit (20 Charges)4472/72
of ConfusionLevel3 Confuse (20 Charges)4448/48
of Dim VisionLevel5 Dim Vision (20 Charges)4424/24
of Poison DaggerLevel5 Poison Dagger (20 Charges)4424/24

Paladin Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of Holy BoltLevel5 Holy Bolt (20 Charges)4424/24

Sorceress Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of Charged Shield10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Charged Bolt When Struck 446/4
of Charged Shield12% Chance To Cast Level 4 Charged Bolt When Struck 4416/12
of Charged Shield14% Chance To Cast Level 5 Charged Bolt When Struck 4426/19
of Frost Shield5% Chance To Cast Level 3 Frost Nova When Struck 4412/9
of Nova Shield10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Nova When Struck 4418/13
of Nova Shield12% Chance To Cast Level 4 Nova When Struck 4428/21
of Nova Shield14% Chance To Cast Level 5 Nova When Struck 4438/28
of Charged BoltLevel6 Charged Bolt (20 Charges)4414/14
of Fire BoltsLevel6 Fire Bolt (20 Charges)4414/14
of Frost NovaLevel5 Frost Nova (20 Charges)4424/24
of Ice BlastsLevel5 Ice Blast (20 Charges)4424/24
of TelekinesisLevel5 Telekinesis (20 Charges)4424/24
of TeleportationLevel3 Teleport (20 Charges)4448/48