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patch 1.09

Drop Probabilities for weap78

Conquest Sword,Champion Sword,Scourge,Seraph Rod,Crusader Bow,Winged Knife,Grand Matron Bow,Feral Claws,

Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Baal [TC] Hell0.24148277
Diablo [TC] Hell0.21428397
Dac Farren [TC] Hell0.17377172
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Hell0.17377172
Death Brigadier [TC] Hell0.17241648
Demon Sprite [TC] Hell0.17241648
Hell Temptress [TC] Hell0.17241648
Blood Lord [TC] Hell0.17241648
Thresh Socket [TC] Hell0.17241648
Frozenstein [TC] Hell0.17241648
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Hell0.17241648
Pindleskin [TC] Hell0.17241648
Vile Witch [TC] Hell0.15419938
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Hell0.15419938
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Hell0.15419938
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Hell0.15419938
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Hell0.15419938
Nihlathak [TC] Hell0.11764545
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Hell0.10439476
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Hell0.09081367
Lord De Seis [TC] Hell0.09081367
Infector of Souls [TC] Hell0.09081367
Ice Boar [TC] Hell0.06245462
Fire Boar [TC] Hell0.06245462
Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.06245462
Ice Spawn [TC] Hell0.06245462
Death Slasher [TC] Hell0.06245462
Death Berserker [TC] Hell0.06245462
Overlord [TC] Hell0.06245462
Blood Boss [TC] Hell0.06245462
Crush Beast [TC] Hell0.06245462
Blood Bringer [TC] Hell0.06245462
Abobinable [TC] Hell0.06245462
Chilled Forth [TC] Hell0.06245462
Reanimated Horde [TC] Hell0.06245462
Plowling Dead [TC] Hell0.06245462
Stygian Harlot [TC] Hell0.06245462
Night Lord [TC] Hell0.06245462
Council Member [TC] Hell0.06235804
Frozen Scourge [TC] Hell0.06206412
Frozen Horror [TC] Hell0.06206412
Warped One [TC] Hell0.06196754
Warped Shaman [TC] Hell0.06196754
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.06196754
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Hell0.06196754
Hell Whip [TC] Hell0.06196754
Gore Bearer [TC] Hell0.06196754
Demon Steed [TC] Hell0.06196754
Frozen Abyss [TC] Hell0.06196754
Unholy Corpse [TC] Hell0.06196754
Defiled Warrior [TC] Hell0.06196754
Blood Temptress [TC] Hell0.06196754
Frozen Scorch [TC] Hell0.06196754
Hell Lord [TC] Hell0.06196754
Death Lord [TC] Hell0.06196754
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.06168064
Demon Gremlin [TC] Hell0.06168064
Demon Trickster [TC] Hell0.06168064
Stygian Fury [TC] Hell0.06168064
Blood Witch [TC] Hell0.06168064
Fetid Defiler [TC] Hell0.06168064
Rancid Defiler [TC] Hell0.06168064
Rank Defiler [TC] Hell0.06168064
Izual [TC] Hell0.06148190
Hell Witch [TC] Hell0.06119959
Frozen Terror [TC] Hell0.06066931
Frozen Creeper [TC] Hell0.05946845
Enslaved [TC] Hell0.05542020
Slayer [TC] Hell0.05542020
Death Mauler [TC] Hell0.05542020
Death Brawler [TC] Hell0.05542020
Overseer [TC] Hell0.05542020
Lasher [TC] Hell0.05542020
Siege Beast [TC] Hell0.05542020
Snow Drifter [TC] Hell0.05542020
Rot Walker [TC] Hell0.05542020
Succubus [TC] Hell0.05542020
Vile Temptress [TC] Hell0.05542020
Moon Lord [TC] Hell0.05542020
Demon Imp [TC] Hell0.05473340
Demon Rascal [TC] Hell0.05473340
Siren [TC] Hell0.05473340
Putrid Defiler [TC] Hell0.05473340
Wretched Defiler [TC] Hell0.05473340
Hell Bovine [TC] Hell0.04087289
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Hell0.03409685
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Hell0.03409685
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Hell0.03409685
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Hell0.03409685
Pit Lord [TC] Hell0.03263899
Venom Lord [TC] Hell0.03263899
Maw Fiend [TC] Hell0.03263899
Abyss Knight [TC] Hell0.03263899
Oblivion Knight [TC] Hell0.03263899
Mephisto [TC] Hell0.03237052
Grotesque [TC] Hell0.03223450
Strangler [TC] Hell0.02616721
Storm Caster [TC] Hell0.02616721
Burning Soul [TC] Hell0.02329392
Corpse Spitter [TC] Hell0.02329392
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Stygian Hag [TC] Hell0.02329392
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Hell0.01358204
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Hell0.01358204
Toorc Icefist [TC] Hell0.01358204
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Hell0.01358204
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Hell0.01358204
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Hell0.01358204
Council Member [TC] Hell0.01358204
Cliff Lurker [TC] Hell0.00837198
Blood Maggot [TC] Hell0.00837198
Assailant [TC] Hell0.00837198
Urdar [TC] Hell0.00837198
Spikefist [TC] Hell0.00837198
Balrog [TC] Hell0.00837198
Corpulent [TC] Hell0.00837198
Doom Knight [TC] Hell0.00837198
Damned [TC] Hell0.00826823
Flesh Spawner [TC] Hell0.00826823
Flesh Beast [TC] Hell0.00826823
Stygian Dog [TC] Hell0.00826823
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Hell0.00826823
Doom Caster [TC] Hell0.00671195

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