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patch 1.09

Drop Probabilities for armo45

Tigulated Mail,Mesh Armor,Dragon Shield,Mesh Belt,Heavy Bracers,Mesh Boots,Basinet,Rage Mask,Sexton Trophy,

Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Griswold [TC] Hell0.90023071
The Smith [TC] Hell0.90023071
Cow King [TC] Hell0.90023071
The Countess [TC] Hell0.67517303
Mephisto [TC] Nightmare0.61134441
Diablo [TC] Nightmare0.59351104
Baal [TC] Nightmare0.56858129
Mephisto [TC] Hell0.53263839
Diablo [TC] Hell0.52290001
Baal [TC] Hell0.51871308
Burning Soul [TC] Nightmare0.43992526
Corpse Spitter [TC] Nightmare0.43992526
Stygian Hag [TC] Nightmare0.43992526
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Nightmare0.43314559
Lord De Seis [TC] Nightmare0.43314559
Infector of Souls [TC] Nightmare0.43314559
Vile Witch [TC] Nightmare0.42709231
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Nightmare0.42709231
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Nightmare0.42709231
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Nightmare0.42709231
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Nightmare0.42709231
Witch Doctor Endugu [TC] Nightmare0.42694483
Stormtree [TC] Nightmare0.42694483
Battlemaid Sarina [TC] Nightmare0.42694483
Dac Farren [TC] Nightmare0.42045357
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Nightmare0.42045357
Death Brigadier [TC] Nightmare0.41507845
Demon Sprite [TC] Nightmare0.41507845
Hell Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.41507845
Blood Lord [TC] Nightmare0.41507845
Thresh Socket [TC] Nightmare0.41507845
Frozenstein [TC] Nightmare0.41507845
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Nightmare0.41507845
Pindleskin [TC] Nightmare0.41507845
Dark Ranger [TC] Hell0.40915279
Skeleton [TC] Hell0.40915279
Corpsefire [TC] Hell0.40915279
Bishibosh [TC] Hell0.40915279
Carver [TC] Hell0.40433293
Treehead Woodfist [TC] Hell0.40433293
Pitspawn Fouldog [TC] Hell0.40433293
Creeping Feature [TC] Hell0.39991667
Blood Witch The Wild [TC] Hell0.39991667
Beetleburst [TC] Hell0.39500828
Coldworm The Burrower [TC] Hell0.39500828
Dark Elder [TC] Hell0.39500828
Fangskin [TC] Hell0.39500828
Fire Eye [TC] Hell0.39500828
Ancient Kaa The Soulless [TC] Hell0.39500828
Sszark The Burning [TC] Hell0.39047788
Icehawk Riftwing [TC] Hell0.39047788
Witch Doctor Endugu [TC] Hell0.38675510
Stormtree [TC] Hell0.38675510
Battlemaid Sarina [TC] Hell0.38675510
Burning Soul [TC] Hell0.38328817
Corpse Spitter [TC] Hell0.38328817
Stygian Hag [TC] Hell0.38328817
Grand Vizier of Chaos [TC] Hell0.37940162
Lord De Seis [TC] Hell0.37940162
Infector of Souls [TC] Hell0.37940162
Vile Witch [TC] Hell0.37628040
Shenk The Overseer [TC] Hell0.37628040
Eldritch The Rectifier [TC] Hell0.37628040
Eyeback Unleashed [TC] Hell0.37628040
Bonesaw Breaker [TC] Hell0.37628040
Dac Farren [TC] Hell0.37326748
Sharptooth Slayer [TC] Hell0.37326748
Death Brigadier [TC] Hell0.37035638
Demon Sprite [TC] Hell0.37035638
Hell Temptress [TC] Hell0.37035638
Blood Lord [TC] Hell0.37035638
Thresh Socket [TC] Hell0.37035638
Frozenstein [TC] Hell0.37035638
Snapchip Shatter [TC] Hell0.37035638
Pindleskin [TC] Hell0.37035638
Sszark The Burning [TC] Nightmare0.36385674
Icehawk Riftwing [TC] Nightmare0.36385674
Griswold [TC] Nightmare0.32983256
The Smith [TC] Nightmare0.32983256
Cow King [TC] Nightmare0.32983256
Beetleburst [TC] Nightmare0.29395359
Coldworm The Burrower [TC] Nightmare0.29395359
Dark Elder [TC] Nightmare0.29395359
Fangskin [TC] Nightmare0.29395359
Fire Eye [TC] Nightmare0.29395359
Ancient Kaa The Soulless [TC] Nightmare0.29395359
Izual [TC] Nightmare0.29324454
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Nightmare0.28914640
Nihlathak [TC] Nightmare0.28465190
Blood Raven [TC] Hell0.27373804
Razor Spine [TC] Hell0.26955529
Radament [TC] Nightmare0.25884766
Izual [TC] Hell0.25685926
Council Member [TC] Nightmare0.25650814
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Nightmare0.25650814
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Nightmare0.25650814
Toorc Icefist [TC] Nightmare0.25650814
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Nightmare0.25650814
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Nightmare0.25650814
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Nightmare0.25650814
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Hephasto The Armor [TC] Hell0.25474616
Nihlathak [TC] Hell0.25270637
The Countess [TC] Nightmare0.24737442
Andariel [TC] Hell0.24246106
Radament [TC] Hell0.23419033
The Summoner [TC] Hell0.23080625
Ismail Vilehand [TC] Hell0.22348464
Geleb Flamefinger [TC] Hell0.22348464
Toorc Icefist [TC] Hell0.22348464
Bremm Sparkfist [TC] Hell0.22348464
Wyand Voidbringer [TC] Hell0.22348464
Maffer Dragonhand [TC] Hell0.22348464
Council Member [TC] Hell0.22348464
Hell Bovine [TC] Nightmare0.17046822
Cliff Lurker [TC] Nightmare0.16777839
Blood Maggot [TC] Nightmare0.16777839
Assailant [TC] Nightmare0.16777839
Urdar [TC] Nightmare0.16777839
Spikefist [TC] Nightmare0.16777839
Balrog [TC] Nightmare0.16777839
Corpulent [TC] Nightmare0.16777839
Doom Knight [TC] Nightmare0.16777839
Damned [TC] Nightmare0.16581895
Flesh Spawner [TC] Nightmare0.16581895
Flesh Beast [TC] Nightmare0.16581895
Stygian Dog [TC] Nightmare0.16581895
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Nightmare0.16581895
Pit Lord [TC] Nightmare0.16519277
Venom Lord [TC] Nightmare0.16519277
Maw Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.16519277
Abyss Knight [TC] Nightmare0.16519277
Oblivion Knight [TC] Nightmare0.16519277
Grotesque [TC] Nightmare0.16326352
Enslaved [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Slayer [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Death Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Death Brawler [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Overseer [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Lasher [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Rot Walker [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Succubus [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Vile Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Moon Lord [TC] Nightmare0.16288417
Wailing Beast [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Flesh Hunter [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Flesh Lancer [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Spider Magus [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Bone Scarab [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Preserved Dead [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Cadaver [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Blood Diver [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Dark Familiar [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Serpent Magus [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Temple Guard [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Thrasher [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Slime Prince [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Faithful [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
Zealot [TC] Nightmare0.16282792
The Summoner [TC] Nightmare0.16275137
Reanimated Horde [TC] Nightmare0.16241107
Demon Imp [TC] Nightmare0.16098189
Demon Rascal [TC] Nightmare0.16098189
Siren [TC] Nightmare0.16098189
Putrid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.16098189
Wretched Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.16098189
Night Lord [TC] Nightmare0.16092630
Dark Lord [TC] Nightmare0.16092630
Blood Lord [TC] Nightmare0.16092630
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Nightmare0.16092630
Flayer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.16092630
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.16092630
Cantor [TC] Nightmare0.16092630
Warped One [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Council Member [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Ice Boar [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Fire Boar [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Death Slasher [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Death Berserker [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Overlord [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Blood Boss [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Snow Drifter [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Abobinable [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Plowling Dead [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Stygian Harlot [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Night Lord [TC] Nightmare0.16035229
Unraveler [TC] Nightmare0.15847958
Demon Gremlin [TC] Nightmare0.15847958
Demon Trickster [TC] Nightmare0.15847958
Stygian Fury [TC] Nightmare0.15847958
Blood Witch [TC] Nightmare0.15847958
Fetid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.15847958
Rancid Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.15847958
Rank Defiler [TC] Nightmare0.15847958
Warped Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Hell Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Ice Spawn [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Hell Whip [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Siege Beast [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Crush Beast [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Blood Bringer [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Gore Bearer [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Demon Steed [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Chilled Forth [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Frozen Abyss [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Unholy Corpse [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Defiled Warrior [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Blood Temptress [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Frozen Creeper [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Frozen Terror [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Frozen Scourge [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Frozen Horror [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Frozen Scorch [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Hell Lord [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Death Lord [TC] Nightmare0.15830233
Flesh Archer [TC] Nightmare0.15712306
Hell Witch [TC] Nightmare0.15645357
Fallen [TC] Hell0.14705202
Zombie [TC] Hell0.14705202
Hungry Dead [TC] Hell0.14705202
Gargantuan Beast [TC] Hell0.14705202
Dark Hunter [TC] Hell0.14705202
Dark Spearwoman [TC] Hell0.14705202
Returned Mage [TC] Hell0.14705202
Bone Mage [TC] Hell0.14705202
Burning Dead Mage [TC] Hell0.14705202
Horror Mage [TC] Hell0.14705202
Moon Clan [TC] Hell0.14705202
Ratman [TC] Hell0.14705202
Fetish [TC] Hell0.14705202
Flayer [TC] Hell0.14705202
Soul Killer [TC] Hell0.14705202
Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.14705202
Spear Cat [TC] Hell0.14705202
Night Slinger [TC] Hell0.14705202
Heirophant [TC] Hell0.14705202
Council Member [TC] Hell0.14705202
Catapult [TC] Hell0.14705202
Minion of Destruction [TC] Hell0.14705202
Bonebreaker [TC] Hell0.14705202
Coldcrow [TC] Hell0.14705202
Rakanishu [TC] Hell0.14705202
Bone Ash [TC] Hell0.14705202
Achmel The Cursed [TC] Hell0.14705202
Devilkin [TC] Hell0.14531973
Dark One [TC] Hell0.14531973
Brute [TC] Hell0.14531973
Yeti [TC] Hell0.14531973
Vile Hunter [TC] Hell0.14531973
Dark Stalker [TC] Hell0.14531973
Black Rogue [TC] Hell0.14531973
Vile Lancer [TC] Hell0.14531973
Dark Lancer [TC] Hell0.14531973
Black Lancer [TC] Hell0.14531973
Returned [TC] Hell0.14531973
Bone Warrior [TC] Hell0.14531973
Night Clan [TC] Hell0.14531973
Blood Clan [TC] Hell0.14531973
Death Clan [TC] Hell0.14531973
Arach [TC] Hell0.14531973
Ratman [TC] Hell0.14531973
Tomb Viper [TC] Hell0.14531973
Fallen Shaman [TC] Hell0.14522965
Foul Crow [TC] Hell0.14522965
Banished [TC] Hell0.14522965
Foul Crow Nest [TC] Hell0.14522965
Burning Dead [TC] Hell0.14373250
Horror [TC] Hell0.14373250
Sand Leaper [TC] Hell0.14373250
Cave Leaper [TC] Hell0.14373250
Dung Soldier [TC] Hell0.14373250
Sand Maggot Queen [TC] Hell0.14373250
Sand Maggot [TC] Hell0.14373250
Rock Worm [TC] Hell0.14373250
Huntress [TC] Hell0.14373250
Sabre Cat [TC] Hell0.14373250
Dried Corpse [TC] Hell0.14373250
Decayed [TC] Hell0.14373250
Sand Raider [TC] Hell0.14373250
Desert Wing [TC] Hell0.14373250
Claw Viper [TC] Hell0.14373250
Carver Shaman [TC] Hell0.14351883
Devilkin Shaman [TC] Hell0.14351883
Dark shaman [TC] Hell0.14351883
Blood Hawk [TC] Hell0.14351883
Misshapen [TC] Hell0.14351883
Disfigured [TC] Hell0.14351883
Tainted [TC] Hell0.14351883
Afflicted [TC] Hell0.14351883
Blood Hawk Nest [TC] Hell0.14351883
Ghoul [TC] Hell0.14196840
Plague Bearer [TC] Hell0.14196840
Crusher [TC] Hell0.14196840
Hell Clan [TC] Hell0.14196840
Tomb Creeper [TC] Hell0.14196840
Death Beatle [TC] Hell0.14196840
Scarab [TC] Hell0.14196840
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Steel Scarab [TC] Hell0.14196840
Devourer [TC] Hell0.14196840
Giant Lamprey [TC] Hell0.14196840
Night Tiger [TC] Hell0.14196840
Hell Cat [TC] Hell0.14196840
Embalmed [TC] Hell0.14196840
Marauder [TC] Hell0.14196840
Invader [TC] Hell0.14196840
Fiend [TC] Hell0.14196840
Salamander [TC] Hell0.14196840
Dune Beast [TC] Hell0.14196840
Blunderbore [TC] Hell0.14196840
Gorebelly [TC] Hell0.14196840
Black Raptor Nest [TC] Hell0.14195127
Hollow One [TC] Hell0.14195127
Mauler [TC] Hell0.14138024
Hell Bovine [TC] Hell0.14090975
Drowned Carcass [TC] Hell0.14034014
Poison Spinner [TC] Hell0.14034014
Flame Spider [TC] Hell0.14034014
Tree Lurker [TC] Hell0.14034014
Infidel [TC] Hell0.14034014
Gloom Bat [TC] Hell0.14034014
Pit Viper [TC] Hell0.14034014
Jungle Hunter [TC] Hell0.14034014
Doom Ape [TC] Hell0.14034014
Thorned Hulk [TC] Hell0.14034014
Bramble Hulk [TC] Hell0.14034014
Swamp Dweller [TC] Hell0.14034014
Bog Creature [TC] Hell0.14034014
Undead Flayer [TC] Hell0.14034014
Zakarumite [TC] Hell0.14034014
Black Raptor [TC] Hell0.14020902
Ghoul Lord [TC] Hell0.14020902
Guardian [TC] Hell0.14020902
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.14020902
Vile Archer [TC] Hell0.13991701
Dark Archer [TC] Hell0.13991701
Black Archer [TC] Hell0.13991701
Skeleton Archer [TC] Hell0.13991701
Returned Archer [TC] Hell0.13991701
Bone Archer [TC] Hell0.13991701
Wailing Beast [TC] Hell0.13900215
Flesh Hunter [TC] Hell0.13900215
Flesh Lancer [TC] Hell0.13900215
Spider Magus [TC] Hell0.13900215
Bone Scarab [TC] Hell0.13900215
Preserved Dead [TC] Hell0.13900215
Cadaver [TC] Hell0.13900215
Blood Diver [TC] Hell0.13900215
Dark Familiar [TC] Hell0.13900215
Serpent Magus [TC] Hell0.13900215
Temple Guard [TC] Hell0.13900215
Thrasher [TC] Hell0.13900215
Slime Prince [TC] Hell0.13900215
Undead Soulkiller [TC] Hell0.13900215
Undead Stygian Doll [TC] Hell0.13900215
Faithful [TC] Hell0.13900215
Zealot [TC] Hell0.13900215
Drowned Carcass [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Poison Spinner [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Flame Spider [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Tree Lurker [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Infidel [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Gloom Bat [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Pit Viper [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Jungle Hunter [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Doom Ape [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Thorned Hulk [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Bramble Hulk [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Swamp Dweller [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Bog Creature [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Undead Flayer [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Zakarumite [TC] Nightmare0.13876743
Cloud Stalker [TC] Hell0.13860095
Cloud Stalker Nest [TC] Hell0.13860095
Fetish Shaman [TC] Hell0.13860095
Sexton [TC] Hell0.13860095
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Hell0.13838879
Slinger [TC] Hell0.13838879
Cliff Lurker [TC] Hell0.13775612
Blood Maggot [TC] Hell0.13775612
Assailant [TC] Hell0.13775612
Urdar [TC] Hell0.13775612
Spikefist [TC] Hell0.13775612
Balrog [TC] Hell0.13775612
Corpulent [TC] Hell0.13775612
Doom Knight [TC] Hell0.13775612
Night Lord [TC] Hell0.13727954
Dark Lord [TC] Hell0.13727954
Blood Lord [TC] Hell0.13727954
Horadrim Ancient [TC] Hell0.13727954
Flayer Shaman [TC] Hell0.13727954
Soul Killer Shaman [TC] Hell0.13727954
Cantor [TC] Hell0.13727954
Cloud Stalker [TC] Nightmare0.13714681
Cloud Stalker Nest [TC] Nightmare0.13714681
Fetish Shaman [TC] Nightmare0.13714681
Sexton [TC] Nightmare0.13714681
Horror Archer [TC] Hell0.13669027
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Hell Slinger [TC] Hell0.13669027
Doom Caster [TC] Nightmare0.13642740
Pit Lord [TC] Hell0.13635927
Venom Lord [TC] Hell0.13635927
Maw Fiend [TC] Hell0.13635927
Abyss Knight [TC] Hell0.13635927
Oblivion Knight [TC] Hell0.13635927
Damned [TC] Hell0.13604894
Flesh Spawner [TC] Hell0.13604894
Flesh Beast [TC] Hell0.13604894
Stygian Dog [TC] Hell0.13604894
Grotesque Wyrm [TC] Hell0.13604894
Enslaved [TC] Hell0.13523748
Slayer [TC] Hell0.13523748
Death Mauler [TC] Hell0.13523748
Death Brawler [TC] Hell0.13523748
Overseer [TC] Hell0.13523748
Lasher [TC] Hell0.13523748
Siege Beast [TC] Hell0.13523748
Snow Drifter [TC] Hell0.13523748
Rot Walker [TC] Hell0.13523748
Succubus [TC] Hell0.13523748
Vile Temptress [TC] Hell0.13523748
Moon Lord [TC] Hell0.13523748
Grotesque [TC] Hell0.13466940
Strangler [TC] Nightmare0.13432492
Storm Caster [TC] Nightmare0.13432492
Ice Boar [TC] Hell0.13415462
Fire Boar [TC] Hell0.13415462
Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.13415462
Ice Spawn [TC] Hell0.13415462
Death Slasher [TC] Hell0.13415462
Death Berserker [TC] Hell0.13415462
Overlord [TC] Hell0.13415462
Blood Boss [TC] Hell0.13415462
Crush Beast [TC] Hell0.13415462
Blood Bringer [TC] Hell0.13415462
Abobinable [TC] Hell0.13415462
Chilled Forth [TC] Hell0.13415462
Reanimated Horde [TC] Hell0.13415462
Plowling Dead [TC] Hell0.13415462
Stygian Harlot [TC] Hell0.13415462
Night Lord [TC] Hell0.13415462
Council Member [TC] Hell0.13394716
Frozen Creeper [TC] Hell0.13392103
Flesh Archer [TC] Hell0.13383431
Demon Imp [TC] Hell0.13356152
Demon Rascal [TC] Hell0.13356152
Siren [TC] Hell0.13356152
Putrid Defiler [TC] Hell0.13356152
Wretched Defiler [TC] Hell0.13356152
Frozen Terror [TC] Hell0.13353053
Frozen Scourge [TC] Hell0.13331581
Frozen Horror [TC] Hell0.13331581
Warped One [TC] Hell0.13310835
Warped Shaman [TC] Hell0.13310835
Greater Hell Spawn [TC] Hell0.13310835
Greater Ice Spawn [TC] Hell0.13310835
Hell Whip [TC] Hell0.13310835
Gore Bearer [TC] Hell0.13310835
Demon Steed [TC] Hell0.13310835
Frozen Abyss [TC] Hell0.13310835
Unholy Corpse [TC] Hell0.13310835
Defiled Warrior [TC] Hell0.13310835
Blood Temptress [TC] Hell0.13310835
Frozen Scorch [TC] Hell0.13310835
Hell Lord [TC] Hell0.13310835
Death Lord [TC] Hell0.13310835
Unraveler [TC] Hell0.13249208
Demon Gremlin [TC] Hell0.13249208
Demon Trickster [TC] Hell0.13249208
Stygian Fury [TC] Hell0.13249208
Blood Witch [TC] Hell0.13249208
Fetid Defiler [TC] Hell0.13249208
Rancid Defiler [TC] Hell0.13249208
Rank Defiler [TC] Hell0.13249208
Hell Buzzard [TC] Nightmare0.13240197
Winged Nightmare [TC] Nightmare0.13240197
Plague Bugs [TC] Nightmare0.13240197
Hell Swarm [TC] Nightmare0.13240197
Feeder [TC] Nightmare0.13240197
Hell Witch [TC] Hell0.13145878
Mauler [TC] Nightmare0.12158535
Duriel [TC] Hell0.11836926
Spike Fiend [TC] Hell0.11789401
Quill Rat [TC] Hell0.11789401
Ghost [TC] Hell0.11650520
Wraith [TC] Hell0.11650520
Thorn Beast [TC] Hell0.11650520
Carrion Bird [TC] Hell0.11523269
Undead Scavenger [TC] Hell0.11523269
Spector [TC] Hell0.11381838
Apparition [TC] Hell0.11381838
Itchies [TC] Hell0.11381838
Black Locusts [TC] Hell0.11381838
Sucker [TC] Nightmare0.11283741
Dark Shape [TC] Nightmare0.11283741
Gloam [TC] Nightmare0.11283741
Jungle Urchin [TC] Nightmare0.11283741
Jungle Urchin [TC] Hell0.11251298
Monster Difficulty Drop Chance(%)
Dark Shape [TC] Hell0.11251298
Gloam [TC] Hell0.11251298
Sucker [TC] Hell0.11251298
Ghoul [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Plague Bearer [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Crusher [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Hell Clan [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Tomb Creeper [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Death Beatle [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Scarab [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Steel Scarab [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Devourer [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Giant Lamprey [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Night Tiger [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Hell Cat [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Embalmed [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Marauder [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Invader [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Fiend [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Salamander [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Dune Beast [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Blunderbore [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Gorebelly [TC] Nightmare0.11210782
Hell Buzzard [TC] Hell0.11144030
Winged Nightmare [TC] Hell0.11144030
Plague Bugs [TC] Hell0.11144030
Hell Swarm [TC] Hell0.11144030
Feeder [TC] Hell0.11144030
Black Raptor [TC] Nightmare0.11079854
Ghoul Lord [TC] Nightmare0.11079854
Guardian [TC] Nightmare0.11079854
Unraveler [TC] Nightmare0.11079854
Doom Caster [TC] Hell0.11044133
Duriel [TC] Nightmare0.11029934
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Nightmare0.10944712
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Nightmare0.10944712
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Nightmare0.10944712
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Nightmare0.10944712
Strangler [TC] Hell0.10932145
Storm Caster [TC] Hell0.10932145
Horror Archer [TC] Nightmare0.10817999
Hell Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.10817999
Creeping Feature [TC] Nightmare0.09342382
Blood Witch The Wild [TC] Nightmare0.09342382
Itchies [TC] Nightmare0.09115940
Black Locusts [TC] Nightmare0.09115940
Spector [TC] Nightmare0.09115940
Apparition [TC] Nightmare0.09115940
Colenzo The Annihilator [TC] Hell0.07324117
Bartuc The Bloody [TC] Hell0.07324117
Ventor the Unholy [TC] Hell0.07324117
Lister The Tormentor [TC] Hell0.07324117
Andariel [TC] Nightmare0.05664090
Burning Dead [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Horror [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Sand Leaper [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Cave Leaper [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Dung Soldier [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Sand Maggot Queen [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Sand Maggot [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Rock Worm [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Huntress [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Sabre Cat [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Dried Corpse [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Decayed [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Sand Raider [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Desert Wing [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Claw Viper [TC] Nightmare0.03562991
Black Raptor Nest [TC] Nightmare0.03521380
Hollow One [TC] Nightmare0.03521380
Burning Dead Archer [TC] Nightmare0.03438158
Slinger [TC] Nightmare0.03438158
Carrion Bird [TC] Nightmare0.02897212
Undead Scavenger [TC] Nightmare0.02897212

End of Data