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patch 1.09

Affix which can be attached to Sorceress Orb (Except Magic Only)

Cold Resistance

AzureCold Resist +(5-10)%1175/3
AzureCold Resist +5%1171/1
LapisCold Resist +(11-20)%11712/9
CobaltCold Resist +(21-30)%11718/13
SapphireCold Resist +(31-40)%11725/18

Fire Resistance

CrimsonFire Resist +(5-10)%1185/3
CrimsonFire Resist +5%1181/1
RussetFire Resist +(11-20)%11812/9
GarnetFire Resist +(21-30)%11818/13
RubyFire Resist +(31-40)%11825/18

Lightning Resistance

TangerineLightning Resist +(5-10)%1195/3
TangerineLightning Resist +5%1191/1
OcherLightning Resist +(11-20)%11912/9
CoralLightning Resist +(21-30)%11918/13
AmberLightning Resist +(31-40)%11925/18

Poison Resistance

BerylPoison Resist +(5-10)%1205/3
BerylPoison Resist +5%1201/1
ViridianPoison Resist +(11-20)%12012/9
JadePoison Resist +(21-30)%12018/13
EmeraldPoison Resist +(31-40)%12025/18

Bonus to Mana

Lizard's+(3-5) to Mana1153/2
Lizard's+(1-2) to Mana1151/1
Serpent's+(11-20) to Mana11537/27
Drake's+(21-30) to Mana11520/15
Dragon's+(31-40) to Mana11524/18
Wyrm's+(41-60) to Mana11530/22

Skill Boost

Angel's+1 to Sorceress Skill Levels12530/22
Arch-Angel's+2 to Sorceress Skill Levels12550/42

Sorceress Skill Boost

Burning+1 To Fire Spells (Sorceress Only)12520/15
Blazing+2 To Fire Spells (Sorceress Only)12540/30
Sparking+1 To Lightning Spells (Sorceress Only)12520/15
Charged+2 To Lightning Spells (Sorceress Only)12540/30
Chilling+1 To Cold Spells (Sorceress Only)12520/15
Freezing+2 To Cold Spells (Sorceress Only)12540/30


ScreamingHit Causes Monster To Flee[32]11310/7
HowlingHit Causes Monster To Flee[64]11316/12
WailingHit Causes Monster To Flee[128]11320/13

Getting Mana

Triumphant+1 Mana After Each Kill1213/2
Victorious+(2-5) Mana After Each Kill12117/12
Vulpine(7-12)% Damgage Taken Goes To Mana1079/6

Add Sockets


Light Radius

Glimmering+1 to Light Radius1121/1
Glowing+2 to Light Radius1126/4

Bonus to Energy

of Energy+(1-3) to Energy231/1
of Energy+1 to Energy231/1
of the Mind+(4-6) to Energy237/3
of Brilliance+(7-10) to Energy2313/9
of Sorcery+(11-15) to Energy2321/16
of Wizardry+(16-20) to Energy2331/23

Bonus to Life

of RegenerationReplenish Life +(3-5)1970/52


of the Bat(4-5)% Mana Stolen per Hit287/4

Cast Rate

of the Apprentice10% Faster Cast Rate95/3
of the Magus20% Faster Cast Rate929/21

Damage Reduction

of WardingMagic Damage Reduce By 127/5
of the SentinelMagic Damage Reduce By 2218/12
of GuardingMagic Damage Reduce By 3226/19

Reduce Damage Duration

of WarmthHalf Freeze Duration1110/7


of Self-RepairRepairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds373/1
of RestorationRepairs 1 Durability in 20 Seconds3720/12

Sorceress Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of Chain Lightning5% Chance To Cast Level 3 Chain Lightning On Attack4425/18
of Chain Lightning8% Chance To Cast Level 3 Chain Lightning On Attack4435/26
of Chain Lightning8% Chance To Cast Level 5 Chain Lightning On Attack4445/33
of Chain LightningLevel6 Chain Lightning (30 Charges)4424/24
of Firebolts10% Chance To Cast Level 8 Fire Bolt On Striking4416/12
of Firebolts5% Chance To Cast Level 3 Fire Bolt On Attack446/4
of Firebolts10% Chance To Cast Level 4 Fire Bolt On Attack4420/15
of Icebolt5% Chance To Cast Level 3 Ice Bolt On Attack446/4
of Nova10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Nova On Striking4418/13
of Nova12% Chance To Cast Level 4 Nova On Striking4428/21
of Charged BoltLevel10 Charged Bolt (30 Charges)447/7
of EnchantmentLevel3 Enchant (20 Charges)4424/24
of Fire BallsLevel7 Fire Ball (30 Charges)4418/18
of Fire BoltsLevel10 Fire Bolt (30 Charges)447/7
of Frost NovaLevel8 Frost Nova (30 Charges)4412/12
of Frozen OrbLevel3 Frozen Orb (30 Charges)4436/36
of Glacial SpikesLevel6 Glacial Spike (30 Charges)4424/24
of Ice BoltsLevel10 Ice Bolt (30 Charges)447/7
of Ice BlastsLevel8 Ice Blast (30 Charges)4412/12
of MeteorsLevel5 Meteor (30 Charges)4430/30
of NovaLevel7 Nova (30 Charges)4418/18
of TelekinesisLevel8 Telekinesis (30 Charges)4412/12
of TeleportationLevel6 Teleport (30 Charges)4424/24