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patch 1.09

Affix which can be attached to Mace (Except Magic Only)

Cold Resistance

AzureCold Resist +(5-10)%1175/3
LapisCold Resist +(11-20)%11735/26
CobaltCold Resist +(21-30)%11755/41

Fire Resistance

CrimsonFire Resist +(5-10)%1185/3
RussetFire Resist +(11-20)%11835/26
GarnetFire Resist +(21-30)%11855/41

Lightning Resistance

TangerineLightning Resist +(5-10)%1195/3
OcherLightning Resist +(11-20)%11935/26
CoralLightning Resist +(21-30)%11955/41

Poison Resistance

BerylPoison Resist +(5-10)%1205/3
ViridianPoison Resist +(11-20)%12035/26
JadePoison Resist +(21-30)%12055/41

Attack Rating

Bronze+(10-20) to Attack Rating1101/1
Iron+(21-40) to Attack Rating1104/3
Steel+(41-60) to Attack Rating1108/6
Silver+(61-80) to Attack Rating11012/9
Gold+(81-100) to Attack Rating11017/12
Platinum+(101-120) to Attack Rating11022/16
Meteoric+(121-150) to Attack Rating11027/20


Jagged+(10-20)% Enhanced Damage1051/1
Deadly+(21-30)% Enhanced Damage1055/3
Vicious+(31-40)% Enhanced Damage1058/6
Brutal+(41-50)% Enhanced Damage10514/10
Massive+(51-65)% Enhanced Damage10520/15
Savage+(66-80)% Enhanced Damage10526/19
Merciless+(81-100)% Enhanced Damage10532/24
Screaming+ (0.75 Per Character Level) 0-74 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)10550/37

Damage + AR

Sharp+(10-20) to Attack Rating/+(10-20)% Enhanced Damage1115/3
Fine+(21-40) to Attack Rating/+(21-30)% Enhanced Damage11112/9
Warrior's+(41-60) to Attack Rating/+(31-40)% Enhanced Damage11119/13
Soldier's+(61-80) to Attack Rating/+(41-50)% Enhanced Damage11127/19
Knight's+(81-100) to Attack Rating/+(51-65)% Enhanced Damage11138/30
Lord's+(101-120) to Attack Rating/+(66-80)% Enhanced Damage11147/39
King's+(121-150) to Attack Rating/+(81-100)% Enhanced Damage11156/48
Fool's+ (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)/+ (16.5 Per Character Level) 16-1633 To Attack Rating (Based On Character Level)11150/37

Damage + AR vs demon

Lunar+(25-50) to Attack Rating against Demon/+(10-25)% Damage to Demon1233/1
Arcadian+(51-100) to Attack Rating against Demon/+(26-50)% Damage to Demon12315/11
Unearthly+(101-150) to Attack Rating against Demon/+(51-100)% Damage to Demon12325/18
Astral+(151-200) to Attack Rating against Demon/+(101-150)% Damage to Demon12335/26
Elysian+(201-300) to Attack Rating against Demon/+(151-200)% Damage to Demon12345/33

Damage + AR vs undead

Consecrated+(25-75) to Attack Rating against Undead/+(25-75)% Damage to Undead1421/1
Pure+(76-175) to Attack Rating against Undead/+(76-125)% Damage to Undead14215/11
Sacred+(175-250) to Attack Rating against Undead/+(126-200)% Damage to Undead14225/18
Hallowed+(251-325) to Attack Rating against Undead/+(201-275)% Damage to Undead14235/27

Bonus to Mana

Serpent's+(11-20) to Mana11537/27

Skill Boost

Slayer's+1 to Barbarian Skill Levels12530/22
Berserker's+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels12550/42
Monk's+1 to Paladin Skill Levels12535/27
Priest's+2 to Paladin Skill Levels12565/58

Barbarian Skill Boost

Sounding+1 To Warcries (Barbarian Only)12520/15
Resonant+2 To Warcries (Barbarian Only)12540/30
Fanatic+1 To Combat Masteries (Barbarian Only)12520/15
Raging+2 To Combat Masteries (Barbarian Only)12540/30
Expert's+1 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)12520/15
Veteran's+2 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)12540/30

Paladin Skill Boost

Lion Branded+1 To Combat Skills (Paladin Only)12520/15
Hawk Branded+2 To Combat Skills (Paladin Only)12540/30
Captain's+1 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)12520/15
Commander's+2 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)12540/30


ScreamingHit Causes Monster To Flee[32]11310/7
HowlingHit Causes Monster To Flee[64]11316/12
WailingHit Causes Monster To Flee[128]11320/13

Getting Mana

Triumphant+1 Mana After Each Kill1213/2
Victorious+(2-5) Mana After Each Kill12117/12

Add Sockets


Bonus to Strength

of Strength+(1-2) to Strength315/3
of Might+(3-5) to Strength3121/15
of the Ox+(6-9) to Strength3138/30
of the Giant+(10-15) to Strength3155/47

Bonus to Life

of the Jackal+(1-5) to Life268/6
of the Fox+(6-10) to Life2617/13
of the Wolf+(11-20) to Life2634/26
of the Tiger+(21-30) to Life2651/43
of the Mammoth+(31-40) to Life2668/60
of RegenerationReplenish Life +(3-5)1970/52


of Worth+(1-2) to Minimum Damage151/1
of Measure+(3-4) to Minimum Damage1512/9
of Excellence+(5-8) to Minimum Damage1524/18
of Performance+(9-14) to Minimum Damage1548/40
of Transcendence+(15-20) to Minimum Damage1576/68
of Craftsmanship+1 to Maximum Damage141/1
of Quality+2 to Maximum Damage144/3
of Maiming+(3-4) to Maximum Damage147/5
of Slaying+(5-7) to Maximum Damage1411/8
of Gore+(8-10) to Maximum Damage1414/10
of Carnage+(11-14) to Maximum Damage1419/14
of Slaughter+(15-20) to Maximum Damage1425/18

Add Cold Damage

of FrostAdds 1-(1-2) Cold Damage Over 2 Seconds104/3
of FrostAdds 1 Cold Damage Over 1 Seconds101/1
of the IcicleAdds 1-(3-4) Cold Damage Over 3 Seconds1013/9
of the GlacierAdds (2-4)-(4-15) Cold Damage Over 4 Seconds1027/20
of WinterAdds (5-9)-(16-50) Cold Damage Over 6 Seconds1045/37

Add Fire Damage

of FlameAdds 1-(2-5) Fire Damage124/3
of FlameAdds 1-2 Fire Damage121/1
of FireAdds (1-4)-(6-11) Fire Damage1215/11
of BurningAdds (5-9)-(10-20) Fire Damage1225/18
of IncinerationAdds (10-20)-(21-75) Fire Damage1243/35

Add Lightning Damage

of ShockAdds 1-(6-8) Lightning Damage134/3
of ShockAdds 1-3 Lightning Damage131/1
of LightningAdds 1-(9-16) Lightning Damage1315/11
of ThunderAdds 1-(17-40) Lightning Damage1325/18
of StormsAdds (1-6)-(41-120) Lightning Damage1334/26

Add Poison Damage

of Blight+7 Poison Damage Over 3 Seconds165/3
of Blight+1 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds161/1
of Venom+21 Poison Damage Over 4 Seconds1615/11
of Pestilence+50 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds1625/18
of Anthrax+100 Poison Damage Over 6 Seconds1633/25


of the Leech(4-5)% Life Stolen per Hit276/4
of the Locust(6-7)% Life Stolen per Hit2720/15
of the Lamprey(8-9)% Life Stolen per Hit2755/43
of the Bat(4-5)% Mana Stolen per Hit287/4
of the Wraith(6-7)% Mana Stolen per Hit2821/16
of the Vampire(8-9)% Mana Stolen per Hit2856/48

Attacking Assistance

of the BearKnockback248/6
of VilenessPrevent Monster Heal209/6

Attack Speed

of Readiness10% Increased Attack Speed75/3
of Alacrity20% Increased Attack Speed725/17
of Swiftness30% Increased Attack Speed734/26
of Quickness40% Increased Attack Speed746/38

Require Status

of EaseRequirements -20%3015/11
of SimplicityRequirements -30%3025/18


of Self-RepairRepairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds373/1
of RestorationRepairs 1 Durability in 20 Seconds3720/12

Barbarian Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of ConcentrationLevel3 Concentrate (20 Charges)4448/48
of StunLevel4 Stun (20 Charges)4436/36

Necromancer Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of Amplify Damage5% Chance To Cast Level 1 Amplify Damage On Striking443/2

Paladin Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of SacrificeLevel6 Sacrifice (20 Charges)4414/14
of ZealLevel4 Zeal (20 Charges)4436/36

Sorceress Skill(Charge or Cast Automatically)

of Chain Lightning5% Chance To Cast Level 3 Chain Lightning On Attack4425/18
of Chain Lightning8% Chance To Cast Level 3 Chain Lightning On Attack4435/26
of Chain Lightning8% Chance To Cast Level 5 Chain Lightning On Attack4445/33
of Firebolts10% Chance To Cast Level 8 Fire Bolt On Striking4416/12
of Firebolts5% Chance To Cast Level 3 Fire Bolt On Attack446/4
of Firebolts10% Chance To Cast Level 4 Fire Bolt On Attack4420/15
of Icebolt5% Chance To Cast Level 3 Ice Bolt On Attack446/4
of Nova10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Nova On Striking4418/13
of Nova12% Chance To Cast Level 4 Nova On Striking4428/21
of Charged BoltLevel6 Charged Bolt (20 Charges)4414/14
of EnchantmentLevel1 Enchant (10 Charges)4448/48
of Ice BlastsLevel5 Ice Blast (20 Charges)4424/24
of TelekinesisLevel5 Telekinesis (20 Charges)4424/24